How to: Cut hair at Home

It's been a while since I had a haircut and my hair was getting really really long, along with a lot of split ends. I was waiting for my annual visit to home before I could finally chop off my mane. You know how moms can get so unreasonably clingy and possessive about their daughter's hair.  Shh don't tell her! πŸ˜‰

My last haircut was over a year ago, which, on a rainy afternoon, I had done myself (check it out here Fashion Vashion). Thankfully, it wasn't a disaster. This time around, I wanted to add some layers as well. My hair is naturally wavy, unless I dry them in the sun (yeah I find it strange too).

So this is how my hair looked BEFORE the cut. 

Looking for DIY hair tricks, I opened Youtube, which in modern world has the answer to all of life's questions. And I found this cool hack. 

Frankly, I was completely skeptical at the beginning. I mean who cuts their hair like this. But since I am known to do weird stuffs, I went ahead and followed the steps.

Youtube Channel - Bebexo - Thank you so much for posting this video!!

The best thing about this cut is it DOESN'T change the length of your hair. Yeah, that's right. That's like magic... to have some layers without actually changing the length... how awesome is that. Those with long hair will know what I am taking about. 

But I still went ahead and snipped off the ends separately. 

How I did it: After washing and conditioning, I towel dried my hair. Applied a bit of hair serum and combed them thoroughly. Be gentle while doing so. My hair were still wet when I cut them, that's to make sure they remain straight and not curl.

And this is how it looks now πŸ˜€ 

I have no idea on how to pose for hair photos, so I just looked left and right 

I love the curls and how it makes my hair look more voluminous. (I wish I had done a better job at combing my hair thoughπŸ™ˆ) In the above picture I haven't used any styling gel or curler (which you can obviously make out πŸ˜). I only oil my hair with Keo Karpin whenever I feel they have become dry. These days I am into this beachy-wavy look (not that I have a choice), so my messy hair actually works for me. My mom, of course, doesn't agree.

Do you cut your hair at home? What's you trick to tame your mane? Please share in the comments section.


  1. I will never cut my hair at home. Perhaps I don't have the dexterity or the guts to try it out. :)

  2. I believe things like cutting hair should be left to the experts: have tried it once with disastrous results, lol

  3. Hehe they look quite nice. :) and voluminous.

    Until two years back I have been stylizing my hair on my own at home with a pair of scissors, chopping them whichever way I want.
    Reason being I always came weeping badly because beauty parlors used to cut so many inches of them even after repeated instructions. When I shared my pain with a friend she told me she trims her hair at home. So I started with it too(without any youtube training, because I had no clue I could find something like this on youtube 5-6 years back). I was audacious thinking I can always visit parlour during emergency. Thank God I never had to :)

  4. That's nice looking Raj. Frankly I could never cut my hair ony own. Have those shaky hands that would tremor if those scissors had to move through my tresses

  5. You have done an awesome job on your hair, Raj! But, frankly, I will never try it out at home. Firstly, I fear I will end up looking like a clown, and secondly, I wallow in the pampering i get at the hair salon! :)
    You do have lovely tresses, Raj. I can understand why your mom is so possessive about your mane! <3

  6. WOW! I'm too obsessed with my hair to do something myself to it. I had really long hair before and chopped it off to almost a pixie some time ago. I have maintained a pob until then. I now am so desperately waiting for my hair to grow back! Still, I wouldn't cut it myself.

    You my dear are really brave!

  7. Now you are styling your hair at home? Wow! you rock, Raji. When I had long hair, I used to trim them but never cut them in layers on my own. Now, I just depend of my hair stylist ;)
    This looks cool!

  8. I had tried cutting my hair once and it was a total disaster. You have done a tremendous job, your hair looks awesome.

  9. Your hair looks awesome, Raj. Good job done. Well, as for me, my sister had once cut my hair when we were small. And last year in December my mom cut my hair at home. I'm too lazy to go out and since my hair is anyways bad, I let my family experiment with it ;)

  10. My, my, you're a brave girl! I wouldn't dare to cut my hair myself. I do have friends who do it themselves and I admire their guts! You've done an awesome job too!

  11. That was awesome! I wouldnt dare to attempt something like that! From the pics,it looks like you have done a nice job with cutting your hair! Way to go!

  12. Wow! this is awesome post Rajlakshmi. Hair style is something that is always a big issue for me, especially after I had cut it too short. In a place like chattisgarh we don't find good stylists either, You have made it look really simple. I think I should try my hands soon.
    Menaka Bharathi has recently published

  13. Wow..your hair look good. You are good at it like many other things you do. In ur family we all have heavy and wavy hair so I cant take risk of cutting them at home. Never tried it myself but inspired after your post.

  14. Hats off girl! With hair so long, I wouldn't dare to mess with it! But you've done an amazing job! I love the wavy curls, looks so natural.

  15. You're hair looks gorgeous! My hair's too thin to try out anything on it, I'm afraid to even go to the hairstylist sometimes. And I've never had such long hair like yours, I find it hard to manage.

  16. Awesome... For years my mother cut my hair at home.. she knew almost all the traditional cuts... but now i have lost that volume and length...

    Yours is gorgeous...

  17. Seriously! This is wow! Hats off girl. Is there anything you can't so!
    I have lost half my hair after exposing myself to my first winter in North India. Scary. I think I will soon go bald :(

  18. You hair is just gorgeous:-) before and after:-) I go to a hair dresser - safer that way ... Hugs sweetie:-)

  19. I have already gone ans chopped them out rather badly but I am so tempted to try your way. Sadly the long tresses are just below my shoulders now so will wait for them to grow. Your hair look gorgeous, great effort. I miss my long hair worries they will grow.
    thanks for the tips.

  20. Wow! That is awesome. Your hair looks gorgeous. Just like you. :)

    I would like to try this, but I am worried I will mess up. :/

  21. I never cut my hair at home ! But yea it's nice reading . Good to know . I loved ur pink dress and the lipstick !


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