Oh my Burger !!

My friend Luke has this habit of embarking on weird challenges. It's been 5 days since he had turned vegan. Other than lechering at chicken thighs, and eyeing salmon fillets during lunch hours, he has been doing pretty well. Or so we thought.

On the 5th day of his vegan endeavour, my friends and I decided to eat at a Meat and Co. restaurant. After enduring 20 minutes of stomach grumbling and inhaling aromas wafting from the kitchen, my Cajun chicken burger arrived - a scrumptious patty sandwiched between layers of avocado, mayonnaise, tomatoes, lettuce and sesame sprinkled bun. Generous amount of cheese was enticingly oozing out of the bread. My eyes lit up, heart skipped a beat and tummy grumbled some more in approval. 

At Ribs and Burgers, Stanhope Garden

"Wait wait wait", Luke shouted from the other end of the table, just as I was going to wrap my fingers gently around this delicate piece of art.
"Pass me your plate", he said.
"Whyyyy", I replied, suspecting his intentions.
"Just pass it on, I am not going to eat it"

So my plate got passed around, while I longingly stared at my food, desperately waiting to feel the flavours burst in my mouth.

He lifted the plate and then without any warning, took a long whiff of the burger. "What do you think you are doing?". I was on my feet now.

"Just relax Sweety", he said, looking like a druggie who just got a shot of cocaine.

He took another whiff, this time inhaling deeply, probably trying to fill his whole essence with the fragrance of my chicken burger. But something might have tickled his nose as he immediately sneezed.

Yes he sneezed ... on my f o o d!!

And it wasn't just a cute little 'Achooo', it was a full blown 'Aaaaachoooo', drenching my beautiful beautiful burger in things that I can't even imagine. That burger was going to be the highlight of my day. The best thing in my life was now contaminated and defiled. I felt like Ross from friends!!


"Oops ... Do you still wanna eat it", that cheeky insolent 'fellow' was grinning ear to ear, so were the rest of my friends.

I just kept staring at my burger, devastated.

"It's ok girl, just eat mine if you want"

"That was a Chef Special Cajun cheesy chicken burger... yours is just a loaf of bread with cabbage sticking out of it."

"It's called lettuce dear ... and your next lunch will be on me." With that he took a huge bite of my burger, while I chewed the measly onions hanging out of his measly burger.

Source- Ross Geller Quotes

This had been sitting in my drafts for a month. Today I finally got around to finish it for Blogadda - 'A Story Yet Unwritten'
‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’


  1. Yuck! What a shame though . I can imagine your frustration

  2. What a jerk. I'd've gone after him with a steak knife.

  3. What a jerk. I'd've gone after him with a steak knife.

  4. I see the ending of a friendship here. Gross! (and rude)

  5. Aww! Poor you!
    I'll treat you to a burger some time when we meet - I promise I won't sneeze on it!

  6. Omg... there went your burger....I can almost imagine the look on your face then.

  7. Omg... there went your burger....I can almost imagine the look on your face then.

  8. So did you kick him or just hit his head? Gosh, that must have been very annoying! I so understand the Ross moment. I felt very sad once when half my yummy chappathi was taken by a friend...that lunch was the only thing to cheer about at the time.

  9. You should have shot him a Joey quote "Joey doesn't share food!" :D But yeah, the whole sunshine seems to disappear when someone else steals the food you were drooling, dreaming and fantasizing over!

  10. That sucks......but I am laughing......:D....

  11. Eek!! Gosh. In no way, I'd be able to much my burger.

  12. Ha ha! poor you! :P
    And look at what you got to eat after the disaster ;)

  13. So he became un-vegan again ;)

    And did you demand your next lunch from
    Him!! Your tragedies of life keep increasing :P

  14. Lesson learnt: never let friends sniff your lunch! :D

  15. Lol! Poor you! What was he trying to do by the way with the burger? And he ruined it all !

    I'm sure he must have had a hard time digesting that burger :P

    You better rip him off whenever you two go for lunch together!


  16. I feel for your loss... I really do.
    Hope you had it another time :)


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