Zentangle : Little Girlie

Hello there!! I have finally completed my Zentangle Girl. It's not that it was tough ... I was just plain lazy. Anyhow, few weeks back while looking for some inspiration I came across this picture of a cute little Japanese girl. 

 And I knew I had to do this. I am not very good with colors so keeping it simple with few zentangle patterns. 

I used Sharpie pens for colouring and Uni Pin fineliners (.1, .2, .5, .8) to draw the patterns. 

If you are new to Zentangles and are wondering how to get started, let it tell you, it's the easiest hobby one can indulge in. All you need is paper and a black pen. 

Once you get the hang of repetitive designs and patterns, you can invest on pens of your liking with various nib sizes. I am still a learner and haven't tried any other brand of drawing pens yet.

If you are looking for new patterns to try on, check out this site - TanglePatterns, which is my go-to site whenever I want to learn new patterns.

Do let me know if you have any questions and I will try to answer them :) Happy Tangling!!


  1. This is beautiful and you are very talented. I've never seen such a creative zentangle.

  2. You are a woman with so many talents...Beautiful!

  3. Well done! I couldn't for the life of me do something as cute as this.

  4. You do this with nothing but a black pen? Wow, it's brilliant! :)


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