The Dreaded 'B' Word #atozchallenge

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There's no easy way to dodge the B word once you have crossed the optimum time as a married women, which in some culture is as long as one month. And since I have crossed 40 months of blissfully married life, I am the reason behind the aghast expression on my mother's face when she realizes that there won't be any baby news this month either.

"I am not ready yet" -  a statement as lucid as this somehow isn't enough to convince her. She waves it off with "Ohh you will be when it happens". I take one look at the kid screaming his lungs out at the Woolies!! No I will never be ready.

When it comes to talking about my achievements, she still describes me as a young lass ready to take over the world. Probably even reduce a year or two from my age. But as soon as the topic changes to Babies, suddenly she imagines me 10 years older with grey hair and probably with twisted fallopian tubes. I wonder if she has nightwares of my uterus slowly wilting without providing her with any grandchild. 

Do you know how many views the video of "80 Surprise eggs Mickey Mouse Disney Pixar Cars 2" has got ...  594,607,604. And do you know what that is ... breaking easter egg chocolates to find what's the toy inside. Seriously!!

Yes, it's a video of finding toys inside chocolates. And kids watch it ... all day long, on after another, on repeat. 

This is the reason why aliens don't attack Earth!! :P


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  1. lol! that question is inevitable princess :D
    Dodging it is a skill in itself.

    Lovely video:D I loooveeee those chockiesssssss

  2. Aliens are not dumb. Your post just verified that. Happy B Day.

  3. haha I like kinder eggs, but I had no clue there are videos of people opening them o_o

  4. The dreaded question that I have been facing for quite a few years now. And trust me, mothers are the kinder lot!

  5. I am thinking what happens if the fallopian tubes twist:-P. It is a will-never-be ready topic for me too. But mothers are mothers you see.Nice post Raj:)

  6. Hahahahhaa... I remember those days :D Now that I'm 43 the questions have finally—finally!—staved off, but man, people can be persistent! I knew very early on (when I was, like, 13) that I didn't want kids, and I was fortunate to find a partner who feels the same... but convincing society that A Life Without Children Is Still A Life is a whole other story :D

    Thanks so much for the visit over at Life In Dogs , and for the lovely comment. Happy A2Z-ing!

  7. You gotta valid point there because my kid too is obsessed with watching those egg surprise videos to see what's the toy inside ;)
    Take your time and only when you both feel prepared, take the 'B' route :)
    All the Best for the A to Z Challenge.

  8. At 50, I am still my mother's baby girl. I don't think I will ever outgrow that.

    Twitter: @KnottyMarie
    Literary Gold
    Jingle Jangle Jungle

  9. Ha ha...difficult to dodge that question...I did, though, for eight long years..and then, my life changed a full 360 degrees, so beware...think...and take your time!

  10. Ha ha.. You're simply amazing Raj.. You should write more of humour.. You'll be wonderful at it..
    And this dreaded word B.. is really getting onto me!


  11. Oh ! I wondered what the dreaded word was. When I was at an age when people asked me that question, I always replied that it was more fun trying for one than having one.That really shuts them up!

  12. Ha ha! We all dread that word, don't we? Gosh! The many comments and suggestions. Mothers, aunties and who not? That was a good one Rajlakshmi :)

  13. Hehe! My sister is in the same boat! 4+ years of marriage and everybody is throwing he dreaded B word at her! For me, it's the dreaded M word. You know... Marriage! :D :D :D
    - Chicky @

  14. Ha ha ha! That's one of the most inevitable and dreaded 'B' word I guess once you have crossed the 'M' word (marriage)!
    Great one :)
    The Piscean Me | Twitter

  15. Ohh God ask me mom was after me like mad on why I am still not ready to have a baby after 4 yrs of marriage!!! But the worst case was when I went to a GP with a stomach pain - probably some muscle pain he was audacious enough to recommend me fertility treatment because he thought I am infertile when I said i don't have a baby! Some people can drive you nuts!!
    Tina from Twinkling Tina Cooks

  16. my daughter would love this post! She and her husband have been married for three and a bit years and have no plans on babies for a long time to come (though they have a kitten!) I can wait because I want them to be ready - they have to do all the hard work!
    Leanne @ cresting the hill

  17. Till two months back the dreaded question in my life was marriage. Now I'm married, I can smell the dreaded B word somewhere around.

  18. This sounds like a bit of a nightmare! It seems once you are married, everyone starts asking the baby question!

  19. It's important to be ready - but also ready to accept the 'unexpected'. It won't do your mother any harm to wait..... but the longer she waits the more 'doting' as a grandmother she will become ;)

    Visiting from A-Z

  20. Haha.. these questions will continue to follow you.. sometimes even after you have had the first one...

  21. This is hilarious! But I do get you.. well, at least you're married!

  22. I can't stop laughing! So typical of Indian moms! Great work.

  23. I had children when I was older and Im glad. There are so many things I was glad I did.
    The greatest challenge is raising children.
    Thanks for your visit today.
    A to Zing from: Fill the Cracks and Moondustwriters Blog
    Twitter: @moondustwriter

  24. Hahaha! Moms and aunties have a series of question ready for every stage of our lives!
    Pooja from
    The Side I Hide

  25. LOL. That isn't the 'B' word you meant. As a mom, I'm biting my lip not to bring it up to my recently married son.

    Susan Says

  26. Oh! I was thinking of something else. LOL :D
    But yes, Bs are mandatory when you are M :D
    Oh, there are videos for opening of these Kinder eggs!! These are total waste of money and kids are addicted to them!

  27. Funny! I was pretty clear to everyone in my life that babies were not in the plan, but even when I was single, I would get the question. I married at 35 and the questions faded to most who knew my age when I turned 40. But then I had friends who started having kids at 42, 43! I'm like-- NO, my Mom might see that and start asking me again!!! lol.

  28. True true true! Gosh I can totally relate to this! :D
    I'm smiling now. Hihi!

  29. The B word. Yeah, if only I had a penny for everyone someone asked me about it, I'd be a billionaire by now.

    Some people just don't give up though.

  30. I never got asked before my first child, but I was pregnant 3 weeks after we were married :) Between my first and second, I got asked...but I never really minded though. So, when are you planning a baby? ;) just kidding...heeeheee

  31. Mothers worry, they are designed that way :) No baby news is gossip fodder for the neighborhood women...stay calm and smile :)

  32. I've never felt pressured by my parents to get married or have children, but I've always wanted a child. I've even looked into having one on my own. Thanks for stopping by Girl Who Reads

  33. HA! Love that you've called this the B word. I totally respect you knowing you are not ready (and may never be). One of my best friends thought she didn't want any, then had one at 40, while another is still blissfully childless at almost 50. People who don't want kids should be free not to have them and society needs to calm the heck down about it.

  34. I was never pressured on this one as we got pregnant within two weeks of getting married.

  35. Don't have a baby before you're ready! I mean, I only dropped my first on his head maybe once, but thank goodness babies bounce!

    Pam Margolis
    An Unconventional Librarian

    Co-Host, Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

  36. haha, awww. B for baby! When you're ready, you'll be ready. Til then enjoy going out as late as you want and sleeping in til whenever!!!

  37. Oooh. This question. And not limited to Indian mothers, either. My practice (first) husband and I had made the conscious decision not to have children - he has a genetic disorder that causes brittle bones, and I have the crazy gene. We didn't want to pass them on. His family would NOT stop asking. They finally did when I completely LOST it and yelled at them for not respecting our choices. :)

    Then when I thought I wanted a baby (with my REAL husband), turns out my uterus was too messed up. Some days I'm sad, but mostly thankful.

    And now that I'm almost 45 (eeek!) they've finally stopped asking.

    I like the idea of telling them you're enjoying trying. :)

    @dSavannahCreate from
    #AtoZChallenge2016 theme: dSavannah Defects

  38. The moment you are married... the immediate next question that keeps regularly cropping up is "when is the baby coming " I got my baby after one year of marriage, and those around me almost gave up hope and in fact would create stories on how difficult it is when you don't get married on "time" I believe every child that comes on this earth has a divine time and nothing and nobody can stop its arrival :)

  39. Hi there!

    I’m stopping by from the #AtoZChallenge. I had to laugh when I read this post. My son just got engaged after dating his girlfriend for only about 7 months so I for one will NOT be uttering the B word once they get married. They both need time to grow up first themselves before they try raising someone

    I have two blogs in this challenge…my author blog at THE STORY CATCHER ( and my KICKS Kids Club blog ( . If you get a chance, check them out and good luck with the challenge!

    Donna L Martin

  40. Ha-Ha! I have three of the dreaded "B words" though all are grown now. I was pretty sure I didn't want any when I was younger either!

  41. I wrote an article all about "The Childfree Life" that talks about the years of silly comments and questions. People should learn to mind their own business.

  42. I achieved the dreaded B word in 2002 when I was 35; I beat my biological clock and have no regrets. LOL

  43. PS this is a very whimsical melody in did. :)

  44. are still a kiddo! ;)


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