"Hook Knee on the Shoulder" ... Whatttt !!

Hello all the beautiful people out there. I am quite chirpy today as it's Friday. Yayy!!

So I have completed the 13 Day #NamasteInNovember Yoga challenge on Instagram, where the hosts would post a yoga pose each day, and whoever was taking up the challenge would then post pictures of themselves doing the pose or a version of it. It's amazing to see the number of people who are dedicated to practicing Yoga. Their zeal for a fit body and mind is impressive and inspiring.

My husband too became a part of it as every evening after a good warmup and a Vinyasa flow I would drag him out of his comfort zone to click my pictures. Some days he would be creative, some days were just blehhh.

This is how Yogis learn skateboarding. :P

One of the days when the husband was overflowing with creativity

There were few poses that were way beyond my understanding like Eight Angle pose(ahsh-tah-vah-krahs-anna - the one with cap) and Koundinyasana 1. I seriously have no idea how the body could be bent like that. My brain stopped processing as soon as the tutor online asked to hook the inner knee on the shoulder . Like what is happening here!! Anyhow, after watching numerous beginner level videos I was brave enough to try them. My husband gave me a fish-hook-in-the-eyebrow look and as usual wondered if I was stuck. Well, I did look quite desperate, but I couldn't possibly face the camera with my sweaty-teary-tongue-out-help-me face. That's when the cap came to the rescue :P 
Koundinyasana 1 (source Yoga Journal)

The last one was Koundiyasana 1, which I did with the help of a block, because how in the world should one make the left leg fly while the right one rests on the elbow. I got a feeling that all I did was swimming on the floor ( hmmm the carpet needs cleaning).

It was a good experience though, going beyond my comfort zone to try things that I have never done before - keeps me humble and grounded. The road to wellness is long and bendy, and my shoulders too tight. But for now, let me sip my green tea and rejoice the fact that I completed the challenge, without killing myself.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. I seriously felt like laughing out loud when I read your words on "not knowing how the body could bend like that" :D It is because I always ask myself the same question when I see the amazing poses you are able to strike up... I can barely stand on my two feet without falling over! :D
    You are an inspiration... but damn, I am going to need a miracle to even reach 1/10th of your fitness levels!

  2. Is that you? I went back to the photos first time thinking they are google images :P I am speechless. Impressed. No words at all!

  3. You're breathtaking. That 'yogi on a skateboard' looks like a positively dangerous stunt.

  4. Girl you amaze me!!! And that picture with the skateboard and laptop... Epic! Epic!!

  5. Very inspiring and worthy of emulation! I practice yoga too but am no where near the level of your fitness:)

  6. I cannot still comprehend, how you bend you body like that! Astavakrasana would be the height of impossible for me!! Inspires me to at least try out the basics!

  7. I'll have to admit, I was wincing at some of these. No way could I have ever done something like this, even in my younger years. You are amazing!

  8. WOW...Rajlakshmi, You inspired me..I want to be capable to perform Mayurasana one day but don't have any plan...I am irregular. Getting positive for tomorrow after reading this.


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