Got That Move

"You are a cruel insensitive *beep beep*", she muttered under her breath, trying to match her husband's fast pace.
He, on the other hand couldn’t help guffawing at her expression.
"Hey I am only following your son’s order".
"That ungrateful ..."

"Look", he stopped, “we have to make it work - for you and I, and a hundred relatives who are going to attend Rishi's wedding. Let’s show them you still got the moves darling". 

Probably it was the excitement in his voice, or the way he winked at her, but 60 years old Simran couldn’t resist a shy smile.


Well I cheated, I couldn't come up with anything for the picture, so just the phrase :)


  1. Dancing's the best, irrespective of age! :) :) Such a happy post.

  2. Ahh dance defying age and all the other factors, it's love that matters :)

  3. This was touching. You could really feel the closeness of the couple after all those years with their banter, annoyance and humour. Well done!

  4. Dancing is definitely a stress buster


  5. That was such a sweet, romantic post, Rajlakshmi! Wow, to have those kind of feelings even after so many years of togetherness...bliss!

  6. Thats a lovely post. :)
    ​​​​​​A Rat's​​ Nibble

  7. awww :) good luck to them :) I ma sure they will do it ...


  8. So cool. It takes two to tango. They'll dance well for sure :)
    Just realized that there was this phrase that I missed in my story! Simply used the pic-prompt!

  9. Awww that is so cute and so cool! I wish I could do that when I am 60 :D


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