[Zentangle] Glance

Sometimes you find inspiration in the strangest of places. My friends have been on zentangle spree, creating fabulous designs non stop, while I was still pondering on what to draw next. And then I saw her... a little thumbnail on google plus notification. It took me a while to figure out whose profile picture it was. I was so inspired by the drawing that I took a couple of screenshots on my phone. Today, I got a chance to make a zentangle out of it. 

You can't force a muse to appear, but once it does, there's this restlessness to give it a form. 

Sometimes I feel I am going back in time, (if only my skin too did the same) :P


  1. Hahaha - that looks amazing dear:-) way to go creative girl:-)

  2. Your muse looks really cute! Well done!

  3. So pretty! nice, neatly, beautifully done :)

  4. It is soo pretty!!! Fine and neat..

  5. Oh God it is lovely! A colleague also zentangles a lot in her free time must show her this :)

  6. Oh beautiful Rajlakshmi... ! And you are right about that muse , bang on actually

  7. So pretty! I judge people in art by their eyes, hers are beautiful :)


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