The Photo Addict !!

Those who are on my Facebook friendlist or follow me on Instagram, would totally agree what a nutcase I am when it comes to photographs. No, not selfie, I do not belong to the selfie brigade. :P Yet unfortunately, I am one of those who would constantly bombard your timeline with extreme narcissism, that too in pixels, loud and bright. On top of that, add on a little poem, expressing immense longing and desire, or words filled with distant dreams and star-trails, that people sometimes doubt if I am high. Let me confirm, yes I am high!! :)

To cut a long story short, since Picasa, Lightroom, Instagram, Pixlr, PicMonkey weren't enough, I scrambled around for some more photo processing sites and softwares. It was then I chanced upon this awesome website that fed my narcissism some more pixels. I even downloaded the app, which included few more themes and layouts. Yayyy happy me!!

Fotor - is the site name, many of you might have already played around with it. But it's new to me and since last week I am constantly processing my pictures and creating collages. And as I am clearly addicted to this app, why not spread the joy :P

My husband asked me to look in the camera and give a lopsided smile... Well I am no Hermione Granger ... so this is all I managed. Yes, I was trying to smile and not look constipated.

Just #StopDropAndYoga, even in the jungle!!

Yes Darling, let's be adventurous. 

I am done with The Last Precinct by Patricia Cornwell. Next is - The Memory Collector.

Some More Yoga groove for Instagram

That twinkle eyed Wanderlust Girl ... Hop on to my travel blog (Twinkle Eyed Traveller) to know what I am usually upto on weekends.

Don't forget to share your pictures!! :D


  1. Haha I enjoy the pictures you post on FB! These all are edited on Fotor? Loved 1st and 3rd the most! I am still following conventional method for editing i.e. PS! Will try the new app! :)

  2. I can very well relate myself. I love to be in front of the camera as well as behind.. Thanks for sharing this new app :-) Lovely you in all pictures :-)

  3. You are very photogenic, so it is always a pleasure to see your photos :)

  4. I so love and enjoy all your pictures. Ofcourse I envy you more for your flexibility :P

  5. You and your yoga poses..!! They inspire me and scare me at the same time.. I wish I could be like this when it comes to exercises..!!
    Kudos to you :)
    And that smile.. You're certainly not looking constipated!! :D


  6. I'm always happy to learn about new photo software. Don't pictures say 1000 words? :-)

  7. I loveeee the pictures that you add....Indeed they speak more than words!

  8. I love the pictured you post. Whenever I see your Yoga pictures I am filled with envy and driven to be half as flexible as you.

  9. Wow! super pictures. I love all of yours on FB and keep posting them. Well, Fotor seems to be interesting. Let me check that out :)

  10. haha I love all your pics and their is nothing wrong in uploading more & more and going crazy with it! :D

  11. I love Fotor :) Been playing with it for a little over a few months now. You do full justice to the photos too!

  12. Have not tried Fotor. You are extremely photogenic. I love your pictures and your dedication to Yoga.

  13. I am the selfie brigade and yet technologically challenged...loved your pictures :)

  14. I love your pics, Raj, so don't mind any number of them showing up in my feed. :)
    Never heard of Fotor. Will look it up now. :)


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