I got my Yoga on !!!

"So how's your work-out going", someone asked me the other day.
"Oh well, I am trying hard to open my shoulders and back. They are so tight", I replied.
"Why don't you use a screwdriver?" Gosh this cheeky friend of mine!!


My husband walked in while I was chilling out in a Karnapidasana pose.
"Oyeee Phas Gayi Kiya" , he asked, laughing his guts out. 
(Phas Gayi Kiya = Are you stuck?)

Btw, this is how it looks

"I can't find my third Eye", I said disappointingly.
"Just check your jewellery box dear". {facepalm}


"Did you see, did you see, I totally turned into a crow"
"Never had a doubt you weren't one". {Punch!!!}

I totally killed this pose, and it killed my wrist ;)

"Ommmm!! Ohh the cliffhanger of Castle is killing me!! Is Detective Beckett still alive!!"

Sometimes I am a mermaid too - Yoga Mermaid Pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana)

And ... Sunrises are never the same. 
Check out the sun peeping out of the horizon, clicked at Coogee Beach, Sydney


  1. Hahah!! Only you can make yoga practice funny! Awesome pics and brilliant poses!! Il get there some day! 😁

  2. Oh my...to me that just looks kind of ...well...painful! LOL I am afraid I would either get stuck or I would fall over and damage myself. Kudos to you for having such amazing balance! ♥

  3. Wow!!!
    Keep the joy of yoga going on!

  4. You are amazing. The crow pose is jaw dropping.

  5. This is so good, Rajlakshmi. I love yoga. :)

  6. Good going Rajlakshmi... Oh by the way Kate Beckette dies? I'm so far behind this season!

  7. Wow! You are great at yoga: such poses Raj! :) Many, many years ago I used to I think do the same 'crow's pose' ... I have no idea where I learned this or perhaps I made it up. I thought it was something to do with a frog - I didn't do yoga then. ;) <3

  8. Fun Yoga :) Now that's something new! Keep it going.


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