[Fiction] - Shadows of Silence

The cafe was swarming with young blood. Androids and IPhone kept the fingers busy while they relished piping hot caramel flavoured Mocha and frothy Latte. Amidst this chaos of drinks and technology, and humans, was Avni, relaxing on a comfortable sofa, surrounded by non-stop chatter of her friends.

She listened to Akash, passionately talking about his tweet that made to an international online e-magazine, while Sumit's article on women emancipation was top pick of the day by another popular website. No doubt their writing was excellent and she respected their talent, but to her, they were just Couch Activists. She didn't voice her opinion. That would be rude. Instead she offered a smile and dropped in few compliments.

Her knuckles were still sore, from the punches she had volleyed on the sandbag. Yet the thrill of reality was something else. He was on the newspaper today, fourth page, bloody eyed and broken nose. Some reporter fellow had found him just where she had kicked his sorry a$$. As expected, he stated that a group of drunken men had attacked him. She could only roll her eyes. He was too ‘manly’ to accept a pounding from a girl, for a crime he tried to commit.

"I need to work on my round kick more, it came in handy", she thought.

"You still here with us", Simi's voiced broke her reverie.
"Sorry, what were you asking?"
"How was your Friday night?", Simi loudly enunciated each word.
"Naaah nothing interesting", Avni replied blankly.

This wasn't the first time and it won't be the last. She calmly sipped her hot chocolate, sinking into her world, wrapped by shadows of silence.

This week's prompt at Blog-A-Rhythm is by yours truly :)
Shadows of Silence - my favorite phrase ever :)


  1. How awful. Glad she knew how to defend herself.

  2. Ahh well those who do don't speak much and those who speak a lot rarely do much :)

  3. Love your story Raj: great take on the prompt. Seems like he deserved to be kicked in the butt! ;) <3

  4. Silent doers... such a rare breed, now-a-days. Wonderfully narrated story... so many interesting elements! Liked it a lot!

  5. Very nice story, Raj. We need more Avnis here, don't we? :)

  6. Good for her, for defending herself! Stories about strong women are always appreciated. ☺

  7. Fantastic story, Rajlakshmi! So many angles to the whole thing so nicely woven into this little tale. Hats off to Avni, of course. And hats off to you, the writer who brings Avni to life.

  8. Gutsy lady but yes round kicks do come in handy. Loved the prompt Raj.

  9. U r genius raj, woving each words in such a precise form. Ur writings are fresh and unique. Kindly write more on women's issues.

  10. U r an excellent blogger raj and ur writings fresh and new. The words you chose are so precisely written that it fill ones mind with picturesque behind them. Kindly write more on women issue


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