Dummy's Guide to watch a Parade

Last Saturday we went to watch Mardi Gras 2015 Parade. With more than 10,000 participants, about 150 floats and thousands and thousands of spectators, covering around 5 kms, Mardi Gras is indeed a spectacular event to watch out for.

Hyde park was the starting point of the parade this year. The start time being 7:00 pm, we reached the park by 4:30, just to find a proper place (which later on we found wasn't enough) The participants looked absolutely fabulous in their colorful and rather interesting costumes. After shooting them for a while we decided to make our way to the street and find a place to watch the parade.
But alas!! we weren't lucky that day. Across the span of 5km, not a place was left that remained unoccupied. 

I did try to sneak in between towering human wall, but, in vain. That's when I realized, that there are other ways of watching the parade.

Climb upon the boyfriend's shoulders.

It would have been an excellent idea if my husband was a foot taller and had upper body strength to carry my weight.

Climb upon the Road Signs

Naah, I don't think the police is going to like it!!

Climb on nearby trees

Now this lovey-dovey couple really did find a sweet spot.

 That's a perfect spot too!! If only I could climb without breaking my teeth.

Rent a balcony-view flat

These are the days when I really wish I lived in one of these swanky balcony view flats.

Climb a pole

This sweet grandfather is quite strong, the way he climbed the pole made my jaw touch my toes.

So next time you wanna watch a parade, you know what you got to do ;) 
You are welcome :P


  1. That's incredible to get there hours before the parade only to not get a good enough view of such a spectacular parade: how disappointing! I say "ooh la la" of the photo of you between the two hunky (muscled) men! ;) <3

  2. hahaha....well I'll give you another way... watch it from home ;) hehe lazy me!

  3. Wow! Must be some parade. Beautiful pictures and I would have claimed the tree! ;) coz no one can pick me!

  4. I can imagine how dissappointed you must have been.

  5. That's some entertainment on the sides along with the parade on the road! Balconies would be my spot to watch such a show :)

  6. Now I just have to afford a flight to this place...and lose weight enough to be able to be carried around by my boyfriend or atleast fit between tree branches.

  7. Sounds like you had a good time regardless of whether you got a good spot or not.

  8. OMG! That is some enthu!
    Happy WW!

  9. Wow! Such awesome pics and beautifully shot!! super!

    Here is my entry - https://happinessandfood.wordpress.com/2015/03/11/lets-go-orange/

  10. Enjoyed the post, Rajlakshmi. Both pictures and description are engaging. :)

  11. Very cool! Swing on by http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2015/03/flying-high.html and share!

  12. Those are awesome pics! Thankyou for a sneak peak into the parade ;)

  13. It must have been spectacular parade.. such unique spots to hang on to watch the parade!

  14. Just stopping by on my way down the A to Z Challenge list. I enjoyed this post and the photos. Funny and some useful information ;-) Next year you'll have to get there early so you can claim your tree!

  15. WOW now I would have loved to see that parade for sure



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