Zentangle - Quote

“Do I dare, disturb the universe?
 In a minute there is time 
For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse.” ― T.S. Eliot 

I am in love with these verses. Ever since I read them, I knew I have to write them down and put it on my table. "Do I dare, disturb the universe?" Doesn't it sound challenging? Like it's inspiring you try out new things, daring you to change move out of the comfort zone and explore the uncharted horizons.

Here's the first zentangle of the year. Made good use of my Sharpie :)


  1. Lovely zentangles and of course T S Eliot is always superb :)

  2. Lovely! You are quite an artist.

  3. You are a natural artist Raj! Have you ever considered exploring that side of you more, seriously? :) <3

  4. It almost looks like a creative doodle! ou make it seem so effortless

  5. I love your beautiful Zentangle. Such talent and the quote is wonderful, too.

  6. That is so beautiful! It is such an art form with so much creativity!


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