Never-ending Winter

He could never forgive her for leaving him. How he had pleaded! How angry he was! How she refused his only wish!

It was during the fourth month of pregnancy when the count of her white blood cells rose and she lost her remission. He tried being supportive yet after every appointment with the doctor, he felt emptiness closing upon him.

Holding the little fingers of his daughter, he had watched life seep away from his wife.

The first blooms of spring had blossomed outside. But inside his heart, today was just another sepia coloured day, of a never-ending winter.

100 Words Story 

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

**My respect for women fighting Leukaemia increases many fold when they decide to bring a baby into this world by risking their lives. They stop the medication as it is harmful for the foetus. It is likely that they would lose their remission in 9 months. Some successfully go back to remission after taking medicine for 3 -4 months. I always have to reach for tissues reading their success stories. 

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  1. I don't write dark-tragic stories, but I can appreciate them. Good job.

  2. I think such people should adopt orphan kids.

  3. Such a moving, tender story. And told with so much sensitivity and love, Rajlakshmi!

  4. That was simply beautiful, Raj! Loved it!

  5. How tragic and sad! This was beautifully written, well done! ♥

  6. Aww... Thats heart-wrenching :(
    Well penned :)

  7. Such a sad tale, though well-written Raj. :) <3

  8. How sad and touching! Well described about the sepia coloured day of a never-ending winter. That's exactly what grief is like.

  9. Aah! That's heart wrenching! Beautifully written, Raj!

  10. Lovely... But I wonder do the mothers not pass on the disease to their children? My everlasting scare.

  11. Dear Rajlakshmi,

    I liked your use of color to tell a sad story.




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