When Humanity Died!

It is said that 7 million years ago, human evolved, from Monkey to Man. 

And as the years progressed they started losing their humanity, until yesterday when they mutated into something so despicable, that's there nothing more disgusting on this beautiful planet that it can be compared it.

What kind of creature kills young innocent children, so brutally ... so inhumanely.

The gory images of victims and traumatized parents would send shivers down your spine. I was overwhelmed with sadness and shock as I read the news today. Death toll of children stands at an appalling number of 132.

I am not numb with pain, the pain throbs to see mankind turn into barbaric aliens.

The trauma that the victims and the families are going through is unimaginable. Absolutely nothing, not even God, can be used as a justification to this brutality. 

On this dark day, my heartfelt condolences to the Families in Pakistan. 

Living in country like India or Pakistan, where bomb blasts, murder and massacre have become a part of normal conversation, doesn't mean that we should become immune to it. It doesn't mean that we should forget that there's a devastated family mourning for it's loss. 

An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. Are we not blinded enough!!


  1. It's so disturbing...I don't know what to think or say except that we have become so thick skinned that nothing gets to us...or else wouldn't the world fight this seriously...atleast those in India and Pakistan!

  2. I am beyond shocked by this atrocity, Raji. I really can't imagine how people can become so evil.

  3. I can feel your rage in your writing and I can't blame you on bit. That IS disgusting! What has men come to, to commit such atrocities? And against innocent children? How horrific and sad a day! We need to change the hearts of men from hate and anger to peace and love! <3

  4. All in the name of holy war... Whats holy abt killing children I wonder..


  5. It is a sad world we live in where no one is safe.

  6. The entire world is outraged at this cold blooded brutality on vulnerable and harmless targets in the name of revenge.

  7. It's so disturbing when I think about the innocent lives being taken due to ego and dogma. Such people's hearts and souls remain blind.


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