When a Homesick Tangles !!

Family always comes first! Today's zentangle is for homesick souls like me. It's over 20 Months since I saw my family. The longest time I have been away from my Mom and Dad. Although the new life here is super exciting, but at times I long for the familiar company. 

The familiar comfort of my strawberry colored room, my playful labrador Nikki, and the continuous interruption by Mom to drink water. I miss coaxing my sister to cook continental dishes and arguing with my brother over little things. I miss the evenings we had spent on our porch, sipping hot tea, munching Bhajjis and  chatting about everything under the sun.

Sigh!! Good old days!!

Do let me know your thoughts on the Zentangle.


  1. Memories of brothers, sisters and parents are very painful after marriage.I loved your family zentangle.

  2. Hope you have a family reunion soon dear! Lovely zentangle!! :)

  3. I understand how it feels. Hope you get to meet them soon. Loved your zentangle!

  4. Your tangle is beautiful! Simply love it. Hope you get to see them soon ♥

  5. Such a gorgeous tangle! I'm so sorry you haven't seen your family in so long - hopefully you will all be reunited soon.

  6. Your nostalgia for your family brought a beautifully inspiring zentangle Raj! I hope you get to visit with them soon. <3

  7. Lovely Tangle..I have not been home for over a year... Its like I have been disconnected from the place I spent the major portion of my life so far .. sigh

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