Whatta Blunderful Day !

Continuing with my ongoing battle with typos and "tomato faces", guess what I wrote to a random Instragram-mer. I was trying to type "Wow ... looks like a great place", but instead, I accidently pressed enter halfway and all that got submitted was "Wow ... loo". I am making some great first impressions all over the country!!

The summer is slowly setting in, but the erratic weather of Sydney has started taken a toll on my nose and hair (no no not nose hair). Nose, as you all know by my constant blabbering, is temporarily closed, while my hair has decided to sport the "Homeless" look.

Along with summer comes the Smelly toes. Since my nose isn't working, I don't know how many colleagues I am killing each day. Leather pumps with long sleek heels look fantastic, but for a person with feet that sweats in gallons, they literally make a killer combination.

I have been doing some serious workout for the past few weeks, focusing on my thighs and abdomen. On a typical day, I usually start warming up with lots of enthusiasm, yelling to my husband. "Oh hell yeah, I am so gonna do this. Watch out for my killer abs, you pouchy man".

5 Minutes into the circuit "Oh my heart ... my heart's gonna jump out of my mouth"
7 minutes "God Dammit $#@%@ Planks!!"
8 minutes "My legs are falling apaaa aaahh aaaa rt!!!"
10 minutes - lying flat on the floor, tongue out. Husband walks over, looks down and says, "Wow I can already see those killer abs on your potbelly". Gah!!

I do get some workout chasing him around the house.

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  1. I hear you ! I have been trying to workout too and god I am half dead after the workout ! I feel as if my heart is going to burst out of my lungs and my legs feel like jelly !

  2. Not a dull moment in a day. Good.

  3. Wow loo!

    Haha you are hilarious Rajlakshmi... do one thing just chase him that should be enough workout!

  4. That's my workout story too!! When will I be more committed towards my fitness! :|

  5. Uff!! That's my workout story too. :( And how I love to wear my heels everyday, but the moment sweats starts tickling it ruins my happiness.

  6. Oh that's too funny Raj. I could probably relate, especially to those pictures! Perhaps if you run around enough chasing your husband, it will do as much or more to burn off the calories and tighten your abs and thighs! ;) <3

  7. Too funny - I love it! Thanks for the smiles. :)

  8. LOL...it is hard to fathom that is hot where you are and so cold where I am. That's what we get for living on opposite sides of the earth from each other! ♥


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