'Un'adventurous Days in Kitchen

My innings in the kitchen is totally inconsistent. There are days when it smells of delightfully roasted cinnamon and bay leaves, while on other days the fire alarm goes off as the fumes of burnt onion and garlic sizzles the olfactory senses of the whole unit.

On unadventurous days, I do end up with some edible food.

Good old Maggi - the saviour of Lazy days, with a dash of onion and peas.

Matar Paneer, with Roti dripping in Ghee. Yeah, don't be shocked, I put a nice layer of Ghee on my Rotis. (And then spend an extra half hour crunching )

Pasta in White Sauce. I can make this anyday anytime without any major disaster.

Pumpkin Soup With Dollops of Cream!!! Yummmm

Rajma with some more cream!! 
You see this girl needs her share of cream :P

Oven Baked Stuffed Capsicum

What's your favorite dish? Are you too prone to misadventures in the Kitchen?


  1. yumm yumm yummm!!!
    :O you seem to be becoming a master chef by day!
    You make even maggi look appetizing :)
    Last wala stuffed capsicum hai na?? it looks great ... lucky bikerrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. Some of those dishes look really appealing Raj! I'm curious what 'Maggi' is in reference to as there is a liquid (soy-based) seasoning called 'Maggi' familiar from my days in Holland. ;) I used to love making lasagna or stir-fried rice. Most often though, it's a potpourri of whatever needs to be eaten first from the fridge before it spoils! ;) <3.

  3. yummy! I want to have the soup first and then the maggie and the suffed capcicum too...Oh throw in the pasta too pls :D

  4. all of them seem the perfect comfort food!

  5. All of them look delicious and perfect!!
    I usually make maggi too if I'm feeling uninspired! :D

  6. I just had my Dinner, but this made me hungry again!

  7. Yummy post, Rajlakshmi. You are making me hungry now.

  8. Hi, I have tagged you in #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in my post Missed The Miss I hope you will accept. Please let me know If you do so.

  9. Yum!! Looks so delicious! I'd be happy to do my share of crunches after I dig into these!

  10. Going by the dishes shown in this post, I dont think that there would be too many misadventures in your kitchen. I usually cook well, but recently the baking bug has bitten me and dont ask me about the misadventures and mishaps I am having! I dont know how many YouTube videos I must have seen to get the folding or the beating technique right. I am sure, I will get the art of baking a perfect cake soon! :D


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