Ian Somerhalder - Zentangle

I spent a night tangling my favorite actor Ian Somerhalder, one of the stars of popular hit series -The Vampire Diaries, playing the role of Damon Salvatore. Can't believe I actually managed to draw that gorgeous smile. Had a tough time stopping myself from drooling over him. :P

The way he acts with his eyes... those bewitching eyes and that smile!! {Deep sigh} I can go on and on... :P

Let me know your views!!


  1. haha...wow Rajlakshmi...It's good to drool..And he is so drool worthy!

    And the zentangle was brilliant!

    Random Thoughts Naba..Dear Central Incisors

  2. O you did well, girl! Don't know the actor, haven't seen the show either. But your drawing or zentangle is a good one :)

  3. ha! he is soooooo dreamy! :D

    And the Zentangle is brilliant! wow!

  4. WOW amazing job on this!! Brilliant!! ♥

  5. Awe.... You are such a talented person!

  6. Wow Rajlakshmi. this is quite a resemblance. You have captured Ian very well.


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