The Notion Of Love

Warning: I wrote this post listening to Phalguni Pathak, so the sugar content is dangerously high.

"Aur Ahista Kijiye baatei
Dhadkane koi sun raha hoga"

They made me fall in love with the whole notion of Love. I won't be wrong if I say that during those days, this song was like the national anthem of all the love-birds across India. A sigh would often slip through my lips, as I would watch the video with dreamy eyes, hoping that someone day I too would be embraced by the warmth of same innocent love. To this date, my heart never fails to go gushy mushy when I listen to Pankaj Udhas's voice. And the lyrics always succeeded in melting my heart into a gooey mess. Such beauty in those words!!

Jab saamne tum, aa jaate ho
kiya jaaniye kiya ho jata hai

The skip of beat, the flutter in stomach, the stupidiest grin, stealing glances and stifling smiles - Love is all that and more. It's when you run to the PCO on Sundays to make that one call, when the blue inland letters have too many hearts than words and when the silences are filled by racing heartbeats.

It also means letting go. To realize that maybe their heart belongs to someone else.

I might still sound like those giggling teenage girls, but can't help it, I grew up singing and dancing to Phalgani Phatak's songs, fervently hoping that someone someday would save my Dupatta from the car too. The lyrics of Yaad piya ki aane lagi flows through my blood like thrombocytes. :P

To be honest, I feel bad for this generation of Honey Singh and Disco songs. I know I sound like a thousand year old granny, or maybe I  just don't understand this whole new concept of showing Asses all over the video. Anaconda will never be the same.

I feel bad for the young that they don't realize that Love is innocent, like a soft hum of summer breeze, and yet profound. It's depth cannot be fathomed so easily. 

To be enamoured of that one person beyond which everything is a blur. And even after years, when you hold hands, it still feels special.


  1. I dint know you can write a non-tragedy post too :D wo bhi itna cute :D

  2. I also don't like Honey Singh and Disco songs , some movies have good songs but the standard of private music albums has deteriorated so much. Nice post realizing the innocence of love.

  3. Haha this was super cute! Innocence of love is the best!

  4. Each generation has its own love songs it seems. I am sure or at least I hope today's youngsters also have some other music that speaks to them about innocence of love, besides HS et al. They better do. Otherwise they will miss out on so much! It was a cute post, Rajlakshmi. And lovely songs.

  5. whoa thats a sugar kick indeed. Jagjit Singh I adore.


  6. I particularly love once gazal by late Sh Jagjit Singh and that is 'tere khushboo mein base khat'..i just can't stop listening to it!
    Nice post :)

  7. This is such a sweet post - brought a smile to my face!

  8. I have to admit I have never really listened to the songs you mentioned --- then and now! But it's such a sweet soppy post, you can't help but smile. :)

  9. Those were the melody kings, I remember and listen to them even now. True Honey singh is so passe'
    These numbers are evergreen.

  10. I remember listening to these songs...I was just thinking the other day about the albums..So sad they are not so popular these days...

    Random Thoughts Naba..Lovely-Uncertainties...

  11. So true, love songs these days are more about 'maal' and whatnot, I miss those lilting tunes which are so beautiful, you make them part of you.

    Also, music has a way of taking you back to that moment when the song first made sense. Thereby making you relive that moment all over again :)

  12. Such lovely melodious songs! Heard them after ages!! I am sure that kids of today's generation would have never heard these songs!


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