The Lens Mug

I am quite hopeless when it comes to selecting gifts for others. And to top it all, my husband is extremely picky and his selection is completely different from mine. Sympathize with me when I tell you that I spent nearly a month breaking my head trying to find that one 'perfect' gift for his birthday.

On the other hand, he had left subtle(!?!) "hints" that his eyes were on a particular camera lens. He was doing a perfect 'chance pe dance' because on normal days I would have asked him to put it at the bottom of our priority list. {shakes head} I did buy him the lens, but me being me, wanted to surprise him as well.

So I scanned through different sites looking for more creative and funky gifts for photographers. After doing an exhaustive research - checking the store scores and going through numerous feedback, I came across this absolutely cool Lens Coffee Mug on Ebay. There were many by Canon and Sigma, but since he owns a Nikon Camera, I  went ahead with this model. It cost be just $18. The shipping time was 15 days and I was hoping against hope that it would arrive on time.

With just one day to spare, the package did arrive.
At first he thought it was a lens, and was quite disappointed while opening the package.
"This is fake lens", he said, trying not to sound too harsh.
"Really", I said with a smile, took the cup and opened the lid.

The look on his face was priceless. I felt like a magician who had conjured a rabbit out of a hat :P He couldn't help looking and feeling it all day long. The whole idea of Mug shaped in the form of lens had given him a happy surprise. The interior is stainless steel and excellent for storing hot liquids too.

The cup now rests at his workstation and he takes it along to the meetings as well. Yeah, he's a show off. :P For the time being he uses it only to drink water, fearing that coffee might ruin the exterior.

Do you too find it difficult in selecting gifts? Do share :)



  1. hahaha you are awesome..I'm never good at getting anything for my husband...I mean I don't understand what he wants!
    Random Thoughts Naba..#MicroblogMondays : On Last Name & Books Read...

  2. Haha nice gift. U made his day. He is going to cherish this one.

  3. That was a great gift!
    I'm generally bad at selecting gifts, so I normally end up gifting 'Gift Vouchers'. Once in a while, though, I do select great gifts.

  4. I thought the real lens might be inside the coffee mug lens. What an outsmarting!! :)

    Destination Infinity

  5. You did well getting your hubs such a great gift given his passion for photography. I got one of those camera lens cups for my brother in law who is a photography nut. Have no idea what to get him this year though. Men sure are hard to buy for, aren't they? With my hubs, it's hit or miss. Sometimes I get the perfect thing and others....well... I always know I can score a hit if I do something about his dogs whether a photo, a shirt with a photo on it or a mug or an album with dog pics. If the theme works, go with it.

  6. That is way awesome!!! Bad ass! I love it! I would say you know how to pick just the right gift! ♥

  7. Hehe that was awesome. I think no one can imagine a surprise like that. And I can't choose any gifts I always give chocolates to everyone on every occasion :p

  8. Wow, you found him a cool gift! But don't spoil him too much ;) Just kidding....Happy Diwali to you both!

  9. now thats having a cup and drinking from it too



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