Of Lights, Laddu and Mehendi

I hope you all had a wonderful and happy Diwali :) I didn't want to let ICICI folks dampen my Diwali mood. So as soon as I got home, I cleaned the whole place, took out my Anarkali dress, which hadn't seen daylight since my arrival in Sydney and started making Besan k laddu. Now I zeroed in on this sweet because it was the simplest recipe I could find online. With my history of kitchen disasters, it was better I stick to things I can handle. :P

Here you go.

My first ever Besan k laddu.

Bought these Diyas from a nearby Indian store.

And Mehendi Cone too. I was up till 1 am, the night before, trying not to make a mess of my hands.

Tell me how was your Diwali :) You can share the links to your posts too. I am in a mood to read.

Have a look how Deepavali was celebrated in Sydney - Food Music Dance


  1. So you are in Sydney. Nice that yo did not miss diwali there. My belated wishes. I blogrolled you at my blog http://maqaam.blogspot.in. Hope you don't mind. :)

  2. Fascinating to read about you celebrating the Indian Diwali festival while you are in Australia. I don't know much about this tradition being an English Canadian but I do love learning about it. Love the intricate designs on your hands. So pretty. They make me think of Laurel Reagan's zentangles.

  3. The besan ke laddus look so yum!! Looks like you had a beautiful Diwali! Best wishes to you and your family! :)

  4. Wow those besan ke laddoos do look tasty!!!
    I did not have besan laddoos this time but I gulped down a lot of gulab jamuns. :D
    I spent this Diwali at home and boy how I much I loved it!

  5. Awesome...You are one brave lady..I can never attempt to make ladoos or the lazy me won't :)

    We had a wonderful Diwali..Our first in our own apartment...Loved decorating it and it was memorable truly :)

    Random Thoughts Naba..Lovely-Uncertainties...

  6. The besan ladoos look yum topped with cashew, even the hands and diyas are beautiful.

  7. The besan ke Laddoos look yummy. They seem to be made by an expert. You look charming.

  8. The laddoos and the mehndi turned out very well. You are one super lady, Rajlakshmi! And you look lovely as always in your Anarkali :)

  9. Belated Diwali wishes. The lasso looks delicious and the mehendi very beautiful. :)

  10. Awesome Diwali. Happy Diwali your way, Rajakshmi:)

  11. I just loveee besan laddoo! :D

  12. Wow! Rajakshmi...keeping the spirits in a faraway land. Hats off!

  13. Mehendi be so pretty!!

    What cooking disasters? The laddus look perfect!

  14. Wow! I could see your efforts there...
    And appreciate that you took so much...

    I was away from home this Diwali...
    Like you, I bought diyas and did quick pooja in my room...
    Also, I had bought sweets from a nearby store and ad them...
    Wore an anarkali that was waiting in my wardrobe to see the light of day for ages...

    In short, pretty good one!

    Belated happy diwali :)


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