Drabble: Paper Lantern

Gently, he lifted the paper lantern. The flame flickered slightly in cool winter breeze. He closed his eyes before pushing it away. The wind embraced the ruffling paper, carrying his message, towards the starless heaven.

I remember spending my childhood, sitting on his lap, listening to tales. Still ringing in my ears, is that one lesson he taught me ages ago.

My grandfather said that the art of losing isn't hard to master. Yet, year after year, I watched him send letters to grandma, lovingly tied in the flimsy lantern.

Maybe I will never master this art. Just like him.


  1. oh.. it's so touching! And it's true dear, mastering this art is a very tough one! Infact, that's my greatest fear too.... losing the one you love!
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  2. That's heart breaking! Yes, it is not easy to let go, especially the loved one of your life! Lovely story, Raj!

  3. It is a beautiful and moving tale of love and remembrance, loved it.

  4. this act of grandpa is so sweet & inspiring . I have seen people lighting such lanterns in my home town.

  5. The pain he must be in..the void that cannot be filled.
    This was beautiful

  6. Grand parents are awesome, aren't they? :)

  7. hmmmm it is a beautoiful write up but with a hint of sadness too..
    and grand parents are the best always


  8. That was heart breaking such heart warming. A new way to communicate with people who left us...

  9. Heart breaking and heart warming at the same time. It's really difficult to lead a life w/o your special someone. A beautiful way to remember them!

  10. If those messages through paper lanterns gave him solace, sobe it.Dear ones may pass away but memories never fade or die.

  11. Heart warming, Rajlakshmi. Our grand parents were ahead of their times and yeah, we can never match their heart always ready to give and performing extraordinary human things.



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