The Territory of Kitchen

Chopping beetroot is a tricky business. By the time I was done with two, the kitchen looked like a gory scene from Games of Thrones. My husband was flexing his muscles and lifting dumbbells when he saw me struggling with the beetroot. 

"Arey that's not how you peel them. Move the knife away from your body." He placed his dumbbells down, took the knife from me and like a glorious participant of  Masterchef, showed me how to do it.

It was at that time did it strike me that I have always been surrounded by men who are extremely good cooks and are not scared of getting down and dirty with potatoes and cauliflowers. My dad's khichdi  is world famous and Bro can dish out a super yummy Pork curry.  

I remember telling my mother-in-law once, that I didn't know how to cook a particular vegetable, to which she replied,"Just ask your hubby, he knows how to cook that." Yeah, she's pretty cool :). In fact, for the grand lunch, a day after our wedding, my husband jumped into the kitchen and prepared a delicious brinjal curry, while his Bhabi's and Mausi's took care of other items.

Kitchen was never a women-only place in my household. During festive seasons when the influx of visitors increase, I have washed utensils with Dad till 2 am in the morning, chatting, gossiping and discussing my future. Mom, though tired, would often pop in between, maybe out of guilt, but we would shove her back into the bed. 

The border that society had marked in the kitchen is changing in most homes, where the husband understands and embraces this change, that the task of hosting a party is not the sole responsibility of women. Or if a friend drops in, the husband easily dons the role of Chai-Maker.

A lot of beautiful conversations have taken place over the kitchen sink, while I cleaned rice and he chopped the onions. :)


  1. Hahaha I know d beetroot effecting d kitchen, was making beetroot ramen yesterday! And m one of those super glad to see those Lines/borders break...cos my hubby is a totally awesome cook compared to me and all I do is make up for the lack of it by baking cakes! Thankfully m not that bad a baker! 😝😝

  2. Love this post! My dad is a fabulous cook, his rotis are soft and one can match that perfection! Even both my granddad used to help around the kitchen. The scene at my in laws though completely reverse, my hubby does all that he can to save me all the work. Washing, cleaning, storage, winding up - all his dept! Sometimes I feel he does more than me! ;)

  3. Yes Rajlakshmi times have changed.My husband did not know how to light the gas. But once i, my children and the maid all had fever. He had no other alternative but to learn. Now I must say that credit goes to him that he has learnt every thing perfectly.

  4. You seem to have an ideal household Rajlakshmi. My dad always helped out in the kitchen... and often did cook a complete meal too. My my ex couldn't even make tea. I wasn't accustomed to a 'women only' kitchen. It wasn't easy adjusting to it.

  5. Wow Rajlakshmi :) Lucky you have got such a sweet husband! In our household, men doesn't even enter the kitchen :P I just hope it wont remain the same with my future family as well!!!

  6. My husband taught me cooking after a few days of our marriage because I was pathetic in the kitchen :) not deliberately...My dad couldn't even make tea, mom says I am a lucky girl :)

  7. My husband is a much better cook than I am. Granted, he burns the pan nearly every time, but's delicious!

  8. I cannot be the only one in the kitchen. I will drag my man into the scene. You are blessed my love!!
    This was cute!

  9. Maybe women should just leave the kitchen and hand it over to men. Dishes might taste better :P

    Destination Infinity

  10. Oh yes! It's wonderful when a couple creates a meal together and then the conversation continues while they eat! Thank God for the men in our lives!

  11. Such a feel good post, Princess!!! :)
    It is true in my household as well, dad and me doing the dishes, bro making yummy Chinese noodles and mom chopping veggies :D


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