The Nakhrebaaz Other Half

I was wandering in my warm and cozy dreamscape, when I felt a cold hand rubbing against my face. A chill ran down my spine. In a split second I was up on my bed, only to realize that it was my husband who had again woken up at an unearthly hour. Who wakes up at 6 am, specially when the temperature outside is 7 freaking degrees!!

"Are you trying to kill me!!", I snapped back. Nope, I am not a morning person.
"I was actually planning to pour a mug of water on you". He said with that sly smile of his.

"What ... do... you...  want?", I asked as I flopped back on the bed, gathering all the blanket around me.

"I need haircut ... Pleaseee"
"Didn't I trim your hair two days back!!!"
"But look they have grown. I can't go to office like that."
I glared at him. How long can a hair grow in two days? 

"It's the same. Let me go to sleep before anyone gets hurt".
"C'mon please!!". The few more "please" that he added, were right next to my eardrums.
"Oofff". No, there was no peace until I run the damn machine on his head. 

His hair was cropped short all over, except on top. Yeah, that's the latest trend it seems. I call it the Manny-Style. Remember Manny from Ice Age.

How can anyone even move in this cold? I thought as he quickly laid down all the tools on the table, arranged the chair and plugged in the electric razor. All I managed was to drag my feet towards the living room.

He handed me the razor, placed his hands on my shoulders and shook me.
"Step one - Open your eyes"

Yeah, I was pretty much shaken and awake by that time.

After 15 minutes of running the razor over his head, I showed him the mirror.

"Hey you missed this part? Do it properly." He slapped the razor back in my hands.

After 5 more minutes.
"Naah ... you missed this section". He said, pointing the hair hidden behind his ears. "If you don't want to do this, you should have said earlier".

"Really, like I had choice!!". I was in no mood to entertain his tantrums. Nope, I am really not a morning person.

After two more minutes of struggling with the razor and trying not to trim off his ears as well, I again placed the mirror in front of him.
"Yeah, that's better. You are my best wife". He said mockingly.

"Clean this mess before you leave", was all I said before I slumped back on the inviting bed.

My dreamscape was now a hairy mess.

Yup, that's the hairstyle. Wow, I can be a stylist :P

** NakhreBaaz is a Hindi word that literally translates to Picky in English


  1. Hey, if the husband wakes you up in the morning at 6 am (in bed), it is not for haircut.. It is something for romantic.

  2. Such a cute love you two share :) Enjoyed this post, Rajlakshmi! You really can be a stylist besides being all the other fabulous things you are!

  3. Ha ha ha.. I love your angst ;) I would probably have shaved it all off :D

  4. Good job! :) And you're a nice "other half" after all!

  5. Wow! That's a cool haircut and you surely can be a stylist! But a haircut at 6 am!!! :D

  6. Haha...cute! But I can't imagine getting up for anything so early when it's that cold!!! Love the Manny style ;)

  7. woman! GIVE ME A HAIRCUT NOW. Not manny haircut...but maybe DORA THE EXPLORER?
    You really shud be a hairstylist :P

  8. Haha!! That's awesome, girl! You should be a stylist!

  9. Oh yes, you can be a stylist! If you manage to pull that off --- at 6 in the morning - you can be anything, girl! amazing ... funny read:-)

  10. :) he he he Nice one and job well done.. hey and save on money tooooooo :)

    but 6am in morning .. hmmmmmmmmmm


  11. I find it difficult to wake up at 6 AM when it's like 38 Dec C outside. So, I can understand your adversity :P

    Destination Infinity

  12. ROFL!!! dreamscapeee :D hahahhaa but you seem to be a cool stylist there Princess!!
    Glad 'Sid' (Ice age fame) style is not the trend na??? :D

  13. Hats off to you for giving your husband a haircut at 6 in the morning, that too in a sleepy mode!

    All the best for his future 'Nakhrebaazis'! :P


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