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Last week was pretty exciting {touchwood}. I won two beautiful Nail Art giveaways and received a stash of fabulous nail polishes from Serenity Nails. The pack not only contained nail colors, but also glitter, nail feathers, vitamin and cuticle oil :D. I can't wait to try them all.

Although I did some experiment last week with feathers. The brown ones are real feathers. The result is not as fabulous... I am still learning how to use them.

Over the past few weeks I have received calls from agents for job opportunities. And most of them would fumble after "May I speak with ... umm... Rajl...". No, I don't correct them immediately, I love to hear them fumble and mumble :) (The clients in my previous office called me Raj, and everyone at offshore thought I was a boy untill they saw my DP in Skype)

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It's only after few more trials do I tell them my name and we end up laughing. Happens all the time :P I don't need ideas to break ice, my name is enough :P So a new opportunity came up last week, for which I had been pining and whining ever since I quit my job. I feel blessed and humble and am still surprised at the turn of events in my life. :)

The last two months were the only time when I didn't have a plan, and my first ever break. Now when I look back, I realize, that's what I had needed all this time. A time to reflect upon my my life and what I really want. Today I feel blessed to have exeprienced so many beautiful things.

I am happy that I stood by myself.



  1. When you go with the flow, the flow takes you where you are meant to be. All the best in your new job.

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  3. Goody good! Glad that things worked out so beautifully for you! All the best for your new assignment. And do share pics of feather nail art... that's a new one and havent seen anybody with the real feathery nails :D

  4. All the best for your new job, Rajlakshmi. Hope you keep getting such beautifuol days :)

    P.S. that nail art wows me each time :)

  5. The photo (last one) is very good. Congrats on your break and new job. More for the former :)

    Destination Infinity

  6. Congrats on the win!! :)

    The name confusion happens with my name too :/

  7. congrats on the win's :)

    thankfully no one can confuse on my name its so hugeeeeeeee :) he he he he


  8. Congratulations on your new job.

  9. Congrats! :)

    A break is what we need sometimes even though we don't want it.

  10. Hey congrats. That nail art looks fabulous. I find the idea of feathers on nails a bit puzzling. Do share pictures when you get around to it so when my 8 year old talks about feather nail art I can say 'oh yeah I know what that is'. ;-). Good to stay a step ahead of the kids!

  11. THOSE NAILPOLISHES! Give them to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Also congratulations. May you stay happy always :)

  12. So happy for you! Now send us some nail polishes tooo!!

  13. OMG, I have never heard of using feathers for your nails!! That is kind of bizarre but cool. Congrats on the win. That is awesome! ♥

  14. Nothing like a good break to put things in perspective!! Congratulations!

  15. Hi there.. your nail art looks really good... keep it up :)

  16. Hi there... these look really good, loving the nail art.. keep it up :)


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