Drabble - Mom and Candy Crush

Power-cuts and sweltering heat, are deadly combination during summers. Riya still had four more chapters to study but her concentration had evaporated along with electricity.

According to Facebook update, Mimmi had finished chapter 10 and Sam had already started revising the syllabus. Riya panicked as she stared at the remaining 200 pages.

Slowly moths started circulating around the candles.  

“ I am gonna fail tomorrow”, she cried aloud. 

“Why don’t you play Candy-crush, like you were doing in the afternoon”, her mom replied. 

“Mom, this isn’t the time for sarcasm.”

“Oh really, shall I wait till you clear Level 78.”

Drabble - 100 word story

While writing this story, I remembered how my Mom was extremely serious about my studies. Her broom was the most feared object in the household :P Thankfully during those days, there were no addictive games like Candy Crush, else forget the Candy she would have definitely made a Papadum out of me :P

Candy-Crush - Candy Crush Saga is a match-three puzzle video game released by the developer King on April 12, 2012 for Facebook. Highly Addictive


  1. LOL!! I can so relate!
    I am addicted to that game! Trying to break away from it nowadays.. sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail spectacularly!!

    My mum was very strict about my studies too!!

  2. Haha.. I can so relate!! There was a time when I was addicted to Farmville! God, I used to keep alarms just to "harvest" my crops on time!! :P

  3. I do not play games but can relate to this as my mom used to taunt me for reading novels. nice one.

  4. I am so thankful I never got hooked on Candy Crush! (Never tried it once, even!)

  5. Dear Rajlakshmi,

    I love her mother. Nicely written story that made me laugh at the end.



  6. I had many other distractions during my time :P
    I was made a papadam so many times :D

  7. Very beautiful take on the prompt. Made me smile. I was imaginig how you were made a papudham.

  8. he he he he this reminds me of Mr. sharma in hostel he made us study so hard, made us all sit in the dining room for hours ..

    but idiots like me still did not study :)


  9. Lol! Candy Crush! I am actually afraid to start playing it. I don't need an addiction in life right now!

  10. thankfully i am still not bitten by the candy crush bug! and yea..my mom was quite serious about our studies too! but i was quite a book worm, so she didn't have to try too hard!

  11. 200 pages. That's a long way to go. Oh dear. Candy Crush strikes again.

  12. If I actually played any of those games I would never get anything done at all. I have played them...but quickly stopped because before I knew what hit I had wasted so much time better spent playing them! ♥

  13. It looks like she'll be up half the night if she wants to pass the test. Maybe next time she'll learn. Good story many can relate to. Well written. : ) ---Susan

  14. Haha! I have an addictive personality, so I keep clear of such things... I'm glad they weren't around when I was a student either :)

  15. Thankfully I have never seen the point of those senseless games. My distraction at exam time - or any other - was books.

  16. This made me smile! Smart mom. Great take on the prompt.

  17. Its the second post I read about Candy Crush! Its like its fever is everywhere! But in my case its the opposite, my mom got the addiction not me!! :P

  18. We had video games then, but my parents had a strict rule, no video games when schools were on. Could play only in vacations. But come to think of it, we didn't mind that at all. :D

    Sarcasm is a mothers weapon, a very very stingy weapon. Nothing like it cannot be someone else's tool of choice, but mothers, my my.

    Blasphemous Aesthete


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