The X-Factorization

I was seriously at loss on what to write for X. So after a lot of thought, I decided to go with X-Factor. Early morning, I pinged and messaged all my friends asking them, with all the seriousness, what their X Factor was and they replied (just as seriously :P )

My Brother - What is this X factor? Agar Maths ka koi sawal hai to please excuse. (If it's a mathematics question please excuse) I was a biology student.

Sreeram - Sarcasm is what he says, but Bums according to his wife :P He is known as U no Hu and he is a sarcastic bum.

Image - Sreeram

Soundarya - The Silent Dynamite

Meghana –her zabraaku DKKH i.e Dhai Kilo Ka Haath (Two and a Half kg hand)

Swetha - Talking with insane people (and she is very much proud of it :P)

Ramya - Killer Stare

Aishu Her nails are longer than usual, so she can scratch anyone !! (Meoowww) Beware 

Image Google
A conversation with Moonjely
Me - What is your X factor?
Moonjely - "Cannot see, only feel, ... can see cannot hold, ....Can hold..but cannot have,.... can have ... but never full filling.
Me - Aiyyooo !! What are you Oxygen?
Moonjlly -  LIFE !! LIFE IS the laws of  equality.....ME = XFACTOR
Me - Ramanujam ka bhoot!! (Ghost of Ramanujam) 

*faints after overdose of philosophy*


Sammy - Buttercup from Powerpuff girls (You better not be on the wrong side)

Poo My unruly hair, I use it to cover up my face when I wanna avoid people.
Nive - Hair like Thengai Naaru (Coconut Fiber)


couldn't check with my sister, but if there was any it would be to examine the insides of cow’s and buffalo’s rear all day long and still manage to have a hearty dinner afterwards.


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  1. he he he he :) now that made me laugh for sure ..

    the X factor . and nothing wrong with what your sis thinks .. examining the insides and watching is ONE thing ..
    eating food is other .. perfectly Do-able :)

    Hello and how are you, long time since i last came here


    1. ROFL yeah I guess for her it;s perfectly doable :P
      yup it certainly is a long time. Nice to see you here :) thank you for visiting.

  2. The first picture cracked me up! hahahahahahahahaha!
    and ramanujam indeed she is!

    1. oh it was a he :D yeah he sure is a Ramanujam :) thank you so much for stopping by.

  3. What a brilliant idea for the post! That's totally what I need to do next year--ask people about themselves and have them basically write my post! That's using your brain. (And it was hilarious, by the way.)

    True Heroes from A to Z

    1. I was totally lost on X and finally came up with this idea. Glad that you liked it :)
      thank you for stopping by.

  4. I'm taking note of all the X's. X factor is a good one. I need to write these down for next year. X is my hardest letter to fulfill without going to an X somewhere in the word, but not at the start.

    1. yeah these letters are really tough. Make me pull my hair :)
      glad you liked the idea :)

  5. What a fun and creative solution to a difficult post! :D

  6. Ha! X factors sure as hell eye catching ear catching and yes funny :D


    1. hahaha thank you so much Richa :) Glad you stopped by :)

  7. LOL...this is why you pinged at 3am!! uff :P
    Mast post...and mere se mera pichwada phamous! uff ;)

    1. hahhaha you are world Phamous re :P I have to show this to the world :D
      you got the best X factor na
      thank you for stopping by

  8. Is that really Sree in that pic ??

    Goood onnee Raji :D

    1. yeah yeah he is :P thank you so much

  9. ROFL :D :D :D loved it :)
    Ur sister's x factor the best :D

    U made us phaaaamous :P

    1. hahaha thank you so much Aish :D glad you liked the post :)

  10. I am still reeling - DO you really have to deal with these Ramanujams? :)

    1. oh everywhere Suresh everywhere :D
      thanks for visiting :)

  11. Awesome X factor and the ghost of Maths are epic. I shall leave u with this X factor:
    Aaila.. oops .. its Aalia..
    Karan Johar asks Alia Bhatt-
    What is Modi's first name?
    Alia Bhatt - Abkibaar

    1. hahaha ROFL :P that's the first Modi abhi kar on my blog :)
      thanks for visiting.


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