The Slytherin Overpowerment

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I have a suspicion that the SalazarSlytherin of Harry Potter fame, once resided in my house too. Else how will you explain the outburst of snakes all over the place? Those slimy red necked rat eating thing, slithering through the corridors!! They are freaking everywhere. 

While growing up, every other day, I would hear my mom scream from the kitchen, followed by tang clang clang of utensils falling and then the footsteps of my mother running all over the place, carrying Phenyl. My house is meticulously cleaned with phenyl because somehow, the snakes cant tolerate the smell.

And they have some kind of weird affinity to Mom who I am sure must have been a descendent of Slytherin. Few months back, my Maahi (mothers sister) had a baby and was staying with us. My mom cleared out a whole room for their arrival. Since the baby was born prematurely, my mom would usually place a mattress on the floor and sleep in the same room in case Maahi needed anything, while Maahi and the baby would sleep in the bed.

One night, while she was asleep, she felt a cold slimy thing on her feet. With a jolt she woke up to find a snake around her leg. Without thinking she just ran out of the room, screaming like theres no tomorrow. All the households in the neighbouring five hundred meters must have woken by the histrionics of our household. 

My dad of course, the knight in shining armour, came to the rescue.

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  1. that must have been quite scary.. wonder hw u wil react on seeing snakes since u had such close encounters with them!
    a-z participant

  2. Snakes in the house... Oh my God!!! I think a cactus plant would help.

  3. Statistics say almost 60% of snake bites are fatal only because thinking makes it so... I had these visitors in my hostel room and we used to catch it and leave it in the thick grassland we had behind the hostel :)


  4. oh gosh, But i have a fascination towards snakes !

  5. Yikes! Despite the fact that I have had a snake around me, I still feel creeped out seeing them. How your mom must have felt!

    Shailaja @Doting Mom

  6. Yikes that was a close encounter, but call me weird I have always been fascinated by snakes :) Maybe I am descendant of Slytherin also ;)

  7. Living with the fear of snakes in house :O Damn!!! That's scary!

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  8. O my god.. so scary..

  9. snakes are scary,change the home please.

    I have followed your blog.
    I blog at The Other Side

  10. Oh my god! I'm petrified of snakes...I can't bear even looking at them and I can never understand the reason behind snake parks!

    S for Safe-Random Thoughts Naba

  11. Who wouldn't shriek and shout on seeing a snake, Raj!!!!! Gosh, I would give a heart attack to the snake with my shrieks!! :D

  12. I took a moment to calm my wriggling insides after reaing this one. A SNAKEEEEEEE!!! Your daddy is truly the real knight!

  13. OMG ! Snakes for me means Petrificus totalus :D oops, see, I got the spell wrong too :D


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