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I have always been crazy about my things, and when it came to my room, I was insanely possessive. To the extent that I even had my name printed on a name-plate outside the door :P But when you have two bratty siblings, who are always up to no good, I could hardly spend some peaceful time in my room. They would either sneak inside, or peep through window or just lock me in. 

I would often wake up in the morning with my brother sleeping next to me and my sister cuddled up near my feet, and all three of us fighting for the blanket. I still have no idea at exactly what time these two would sneak into my bed.

Countless days I have spent studying for mathematics exam in the drawing room. Every time with new 'Josh' I would plan to study till late, but each morning I would wake up drooling over my trigonometric sums, and half the syllabus still untouched.

Later on when we built a new room, I brother immediately proclaimed it and marked his territory by photos of Sania Mirza and Batman and numerous disney characters.

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  1. My sister and I shared a room and we always wanted the opposite things in it..Like when I wanted the door to be completely shut while sleeping she wanted it to be open for ventilation and after a few days we would want the completely opposite things..I was possessive about my study table more than my room though I never studied on the table much!

    R for Ready-Random Thoughts Naba

  2. Ha ha ha. My sibling and I shared a room, until I married and moved out. I can't say I had too much trouble with the sharing though, since we had our own cupboards and separate study tables. Your anecdotes are so hilarious :D

  3. Hi, awesome post!

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  4. I was also extremely territorial about my room. :)

  5. Another fun post about sibling love :) All these growing-up memoirs could make a very interesting book, Rajlakshmi!

  6. I can so well correlate this particular post... LOL!

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  7. That room is gorgeous!! My sister never let me in her room. Was really glad when she finally moved out. Mom let me take it over with my toys. :D

  8. i never had a room. This post makes me sad :p

  9. me and my two cousins shared my room and it was full of posters .. every wall and even the roof :)

    and we had some of the best times .. staying together in that room have some good memories :)


  10. Beautiful drawing room...

    Trigonometry always used to put me to sleep, too.

    Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge.

    John Holton

  11. I think I had a peaceful co-existence with my sisters in the room that the 3 of us shared. Though they were very glad to see me leave for the hostel and planned to grab my cupboard and things which I was leaving behind, before I left!! :D

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  13. Same as RH here :D I never had a room for myself :D


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