The Puppy-Dog Eyes Mutation

My bro and sister went to the same veterinary college. Every morning she would wake up early in the morning, prepare soup and sandwiches and take them to the class to give it to my brother. Yeah, he was the envy of the whole class. My brother would in return give him blood and goof stained lab coat to her for washing. Brother!!! *rolls eyes* 

Being the youngest, my brother was and is still the pampered of all. But for years
he had fought against what he called discrimination at home. You see if I or my sister needed anything, we would just go to dad, make puppy dog eyes and say pleaaassseeeeee in a long 'cutest' manner. That was all required to melt his heart. Dads just can't say no to their darling daughters, can they?

But if bro asked for something he was interrogated with all the what why who whom where questions. Ahh poor he :P He tried our method too, but it only resulted in an expression that clearly said What the frack is wrong with him!!

Infact when he went home after he passed out of Academy, he was assigned the task of painting the roof :P 


My brother has a puppy dog look too, which he learned from all the years with our dogs. But I classify that as his Bhikari (beggar) look. Nevertheless, it has quite an effect on both the sisters. He knows he could get his younger sister cook a feast with roast chicken and pulao  and the elder sister to share half of her peanut salary just by making that look. Ahh brothers!! God gave them the quality to melt their sisters heart into one gooey pulp.

{In the picture, is my previous neighbor's pup Sunny}


  1. Awww...such a cute post about sisterly love, about sisters who pamper their little brother. I know that sisterly feeling myself :)

    Beauty Interprets, Expresses, Manifests the Eternal

  2. With those eyes, every sister would pamper her brother! You do have adorable stories from your childhood :)

  3. I love reading about these anecdotes of your a tale I can see through my eyes///

    P for Petrified-Random Thoughts Naba

  4. Hehehe....glad I don't have my own brothers...I have cousins and I they never tried this tricks though...I think we would do anything for them if they did ask :P

  5. Your post makes me wish I had a brother! ♥

  6. An enjoyable post though as a young chit I never felt discriminated born with seven sisters!!Possibly they could not make puppy dog eyes as you both did!!

  7. Puppy dog eyes -- gets me everytime -- especially from my grandson!

    Carol @ Battered Hope

  8. Your posts make me want to rush to my house in Mumbai and be with my brothers and sister :) Love your musings.

  9. This such a cute post overflowing with love for your sibling :)


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