The OCD Instability

OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Now my Dad loves to have everything meticulously clean and proper. A shoe should be in shoe-rack, the comb should be near the mirror , all the body lotions and oil should be arranged in one line according to height, increasing or decreasing. My mother is just the opposite, it's just that she has too much in her plate.

With hungry brats screaming for attention, dog chewing up the door mat, leaves all over the garden, Dad asking for coconut oil, the comb would land on dinning table and Salt-Pepper can on dressing table.


My sister cannot wear anything that's not ironed and when I  say ironed I mean -  steamy iron. Even during fashion-emergencies when we need to get ready in a jiffy, she would leisurely take her shirt and slowly iron it until she's surrounded by steam. How she manages not to set her clothes on fire, is beyond my understanding.

My funda is pretty simple
Image - Etsy

And because of this, she is the forced official Iron-er of our household. I actually used to bribe her to iron my clothes.

My brother was obsessed about decorating the wall, like this

Yup that's his room
 which obviously freaked my Mom out :P

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  1. I like some semblance of order like there is a place for everything and everything has its place.But I am not fastidious in arranging according to heights or color.But then there are different folks,different strokes.No two are alike.

    1. true... I am just the opposite of my Dad in this case :)
      thanks for writing in

  2. So, never a dull moment in your family.

  3. My father is the official iron-er in our place because mom makes it look more crumbled after ironing.
    I like your brothers creativity :P

    1. hahaha ROFL :D ... :D thanks a lot for stopping by

  4. I love your brother's obsession!! I want to do that to.
    Thankfully my husband is a messy guy. Otherwise I couldn't have been as lazy as I am. I'm pretty balanced when it comes to cleanliness... thanks to my ability to sit on the couch for hours ;)

    1. hahaha my husband is clean freak... freaks the hell out of me :)
      thank you for stopping by

  5. in our home, its me who has d OPD :-P keep sumthn out of place n i wud start screaming :-D
    a-z participant

  6. Every time I read one of your posts about your family, I feel like I am right there enjoying the experience. Your writing is so full of life. Expresses your great love and deep bond with your family.

    Beauty Interprets, Expresses, Manifests the Eternal

  7. Your bro is creative, and your sis sure is fastidious :D We all have our shares of OCD na ? :)

  8. I think I'm crazy when it comes to cleanliness..My husband calls me Monica ( From Friends) !!

    O for Ostracized-Random Thoughts Naba

  9. Damn... your family is totally vibrant.... loved this a lot! I love the way you enjoyed with your family!

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  10. Creative and an eclectic mix of people in your family, love your mom's nature. I too leave things in the wrong places and my husband keeps pulling his hair out.

  11. Sounds like your household is very interesting. I had to put my foot down when Baby tried to arrange food in the pantry by type, then alphabetical order. She had just finished rearranging my bookshelves in a similar way. She was 10.

  12. The one OCD I have is checking if I have taken my keys and locked my front door. Guess we all have some shades of it. Your sister sounds like my dad, when it comes to ironing :)

  13. I didn't iron anything for three years whilst I was at university. :)

    Stopping by from A To Z


  14. Even I hate Ironing, I just pop it over to the guy down the street. Lovely post s you have written and am enjoying reading them bit by bit.

  15. I 'suffered' from OCD for years. But now, there is a nice balance and I am a lot happier. It does have it's good side however, because things get done! And I married a procrastinator!! Been interesting LOL

    Carol @ Battered Hope

  16. People's mess freaks me out, but I manage to not notice mine.

  17. Phew. So much of orderliness....would probably drive me insane. I am pretty organised though and am also the official " Iron-er" of the house hold. Though I prefer the term, Iron Man :P

  18. I love your posts. The tongue in cheek quality of it is too good.


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