The Nikki Adoration

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Nikki, our black Labrador, that my brother got from shelter during his college days, now stays with my parents. She's absolutely adorable, understanding and gentle. Infact so gentle that if a stranger drops in, she would escort him to the Verandah, make him sit and then run along to find my mother. :P

Here's she is.

Nikki Playing fetch

Nikki Dance

Nikki Jump

Nikki  Search

Nikki Sit 

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  1. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing these photos.

  2. Just love dogs of any kind and they seem to follow me around as well... Planning one soon


  3. She looks cute :) and that's a funny bit about her helping strangers !!

  4. Wow....Nikki looks fabulous!!! :D :P

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  5. I love the pictures, my Sparky does all these things too :) Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hahaha I loved Nikki's introduction! One of my distant relative had the same breed and I know what exactly you mean here... :)) I was in love with him! :D
    Awesome pictures and I loved your house too :)

  7. Nice adorable dog

    I have followed your blog .I am blogging at The Other Side for A to Z challenge

  8. My first dog was a black Labrador, Keta and he was adorable. We now have our first Boxer and he's mad! :) Nikki looks like she's having a ball. :)

  9. Nikki is adorable. I never had a per! My loss.

  10. What a lovely dog!! I just want to hug him♥

  11. I dun know but i feel weird..I am nikki too LOL

  12. Nikki looks adorable! My husband had a black Lab, growing up. He still misses him.


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