The Room of the dead

When I woke up, the sound of roaring waves were deafening. Lying on an unnaturally comfortable queen sized bed, the first thing I noticed were flimsy white drapes with tiny red flowers hung all around the bed, just like Arabian Nights.

“What...  the..!!! Did I reincarnate into a feaking Alif Laila...”, thoughts started stacking up in my mind. “Am I a princess now ... Please let it not be a hairy tyrant!!”Removing the insanely soft blanket I climbed down the bed.

It was then the familiarity of the room struck me. And it struck real hard.

I looked around to find a neatly laid white table on an Egyptian rug. A wall sized window overlooking the majestic ocean.

This was supposed to be our future home. I had bought that rug from a suspiciously innocent street hawker. Ohh... how I fought for those white drapes!! Even went on a hunger strike while you relished a box of delicious nachos, right in front of me.

“This is so wrong!! I am not supposed to be here!!” 

I was still wondering when the door opened. And you walked in. As your handsome face emerged, I was taken back in time. The mischievous glint in those eyes, had me at the first twinkle. I had fought wars with the world just to see you smile.

How long is it? 5.. 6 .. years
Did you miss me, I wanted to ask, but it was futile. I was gone. Long gone.
I was just a mist now.

When your eyes rested on the corner where I was standing, my heart must have missed a beat.

“so this is the room”, a high pitched female voice broke my reverie.

Immaculately dressed in black suit, a woman walked in. Blond, slim and unfortunately extremely pretty. 

If only mist could throw daggers!!!

“I have heard so much about the house. You are such a charming man”, she cooed, with a hand on her chest.

“If ever you marry this skunk and sleep in my satin draped bed, I swear I will haunt you till eternity and whatever that follows’”. I cringed at the thought.

Looking up I beseeched, “God.. Is this why I was woken from dead?... to be mocked?”

“What do you think?”, I heard you ask. Did I imagine or your voice no longer sounded lively?
“I love itttt”. She screamed in delight.

“Oh boy he is really going to give her my room”, a desperate thought crossed my mind.

I watched you walk towards the window, gazing at the sun climbing down the horizon, and lighting a cigarette.
“Ahaa you never gave up smoking... Liar!!”

The woman strolled around the room before taking out a bunch of paper from her purse.

Please don’t tell me those are court marriage documents. I panicked.

“This was supposed to be my wife’s room, tried decorating it just the way she wanted”. You said with a smile, “But...  could never sleep here. I think she haunts me”.

We both chuckled. It was ages since we had laughed together. Together yet worlds apart.

“Don’t worry, I will find you an excellent deal”, she said chirpily.

Oh she’s an agent, I thought happily. But the very second realization dawned that you were selling the house. Strangely I felt relieved.

You were finally letting me go. After filling up forms and taking the keys, the agent left. You lingered around till the sun was way beyond the horizon.

I saw you adjust the paper flowers on the vase, the ones that I had made, caressing each petal.

With that you walked towards the open door, and throwing a last glance with moist eyes, closed it gently.


“So that’s why you woke me up”, I told God over a cup of coffee,"You are right, we both needed closure”.


  1. oh teri!!! masttttt oneee!!! jhakaaassss absolutely!! loved every part of it...
    esp the minute nuances that tied it to you - paper flowers, princess, nachos!! perfect!! all the best fr the contest

    1. aww megsiee you are always so sweet... thankieeeee

  2. You are getting closer to your 10000 hours Raji :-)

  3. WOW -- lots of emotion there. Loved it -- great job. We need a sequel!

    1. aww I am so glad you felt that way :D thank you


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