WOW: Still Walking

First Aid Box. Check.
Knife. Check.
Spectacle Case. Check.
Guide Book. Check.
Camera. Check. 

Comfortably seated on the sofa, Sam kept crossing out the items from his checklist as Miley packed his rucksack. He and his friends were going on a long pending Trekking and Camping Trip for two days.

Please promise me you won’t undertake the rough terrain”, she asked pleadingly.

Don’t you worry love”, he said, flashing his mischievous smile.

Miley clearly understood Sam’s craze for trekking and his absolute failure to resist conquering any path that’s challenging. But after last year’s accident, when Sam had a really bad fall, she was apprehensive about his outings. Although he was well prepared, this would be Sam’s first trekking trip after the mishap.

As she looked at his excited face and zeal to continue his passion, Miley suppressed all her fears. 

The blaring horn of his best friend’s car broke her reverie.

Seems Dan can’t wait to take you away from me“, she said, pouting her lips to make a sad smiley, which Sam found adorable.

"Don’t be jealous Hon... It’s time for me to turn into a Cyborg”, he declared, ticking off the last item in the list.

Standing on the doorway, Miley watched Sam patiently strap the prosthetic left limb. She was sad, yet her heart was filled with pride and respect for the man she loved.

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  1. Her fears are valid and for him no mishap is so big to stop him from adventure. beautifully written

  2. Well written. This inspires me to go finish my writing over the weekend!

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    Co-host, A to Z Challenge 2014

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  3. touching story.... beautifully written :)

  4. What courage he has to pursue his dreams despite all odds. I understand her angst, but I admire his determination as well. ♥

  5. Sad but hopeful. Shows us that some loves survive all catastrophes.


  6. @Kalpana
    Thanks a lot :)

    done :) thanks a lot :)

    thank you so much

  7. @Mi-liee
    thank you so much for visiting and commenting :)


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