The Saas-Bahu Explosion

Any resemblance to living or dead is “intentionally” coincidental.
Played by - Bahu as The Wife, Saasuma as Mother in Law, Patidev as The husband
It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. Sitting on her comfy recliner, Bahu was acting busy, furiously typing on her laptop, with her back to Saasuma, who was sitting on the sofa, watching rerun of “Kahani Aise Taise Ghar” ki.  Patidev was at the office for a major production release (or so he said) while Sasurji was peacefully resting in heavens.
And then suddenly, out of no-where,
Uhhuuuu”, Saasuma sighed.
Bahu, at once was alert. She had expertise in understanding Saasuma’s every undertone, be it -uhhuu, ohhoo and ahhaa. This uhhuu was particularly a dangerous one.
Without replying, sitting absolutely still, she kept staring at the monitor. Bahu very well knew that this was Saasuma’s indication for her to obediently enquire about the matter. Ignoring it was lethal but the fear of getting dragged into an awkward discussion kept her silent.
Uhhuuuu”, Saasuma sighed again. This time a lot louder and animatedly shrugged her shoulders. That was the cue for Bahu to immediately divert her attention to Saasuma.
She closed her laptop, walked towards Saasuma with confident steps and sat next to her.
What is it Maaji?”, the “practiced” devotion with which Bahu asked the question would have put every Balika Vadhu to shame.

hmmh I am bored, what else”, said Sasuma in an exasperated tone, “If only I had a grandkid to play with.” She said with a weary look, gazing towards the far end of the room.
Here it comes”, thought Bahu, but experience has taught her that keeping quite during such tumultuous ranting was advisable and safe.
Do you have any idea how I am continuously laughed upon for not having even one grandchild. Meena’s DIL bore her 3rd child last week”, she said, pointing three wrinkled fingers at Bahu’s face.
Meena’s DIL was two years younger than Bahu. Her fertility rate was marvelled by all the MILs of the colony and was a reason of distress for every other DIL.
Look at you, with your narrow hips, do you think you can even carry the baby”. Saasuma was on a snubbing roll today.
But Maaji it took me three months to shape them...”, Bahu said defensively, feeling her super toned abs. Yup she was quite pleased.
tch tch tch
Maaji … I have been meaning to tell you this for a long time”, Bahu said, as calmly as her raging mind would allow her to. Today she has to pull out the Brahmastra.
It’s not me... umm ... it’s your son”.
The stare that Saasuma gave Bahu would have burnt through her bone marrow.
Well … He can’t …”, mumbled Bahu.
Can’t what???”, Bahu feared that Sasuma’s eyeballs would pop out and land on her lap.

He can’t … afford to have kids”, she finished her sentence, “The home loan and the car loan has tied us down.. and to have to have kids….”, Bahu stopped mid sentence because she was fully aware that all the words after loan would have bounced over Saasuma’s head.
No one could ever reason with the stubborn MIL?
What ensued was an uninterrupted rant of how young couples do not respect their elder’s wishes, how Bahu’s reproductive organs would wither like an Old Oak once she crosses 30, how Saasuma would be a permanent figure of ridicule by Mrs Verma and Mrs Sharma.
The balcony was lit by streetlights, both the Pati and Bahu were enjoying a calm cool night on the swing. It was past 10 pm when there was a knock on their bedroom door.
Pati winked at Bahu and said, ”Your turn... go serve your Saasuma.”
Bahu opened the door to find Saasuma holding a glass of milk.
Make sure he drinks it”, is all she said.
No not milk!!! Bahu thought, Pati hates drinking milk at night. Bahu knew she will have to drink it again, so that Saasuma doesn’t find the milk untouched.

At half past 11, Bahu and Pati were still awake, watching Love Actually. Pati was fiddling with her hair, while she rested her head on his chest. She loved watching movies holding him close.
A knock on the door, broke their reverie.
Your turn”, Bahu told Pati, with a mischievous glint in her eyes. With a resigned look, Pati got up from the bed and opened the door.
Why haven’t you slept yet... tch tch tch”, Bahu heard Saasuma scolding Pati. She had to stifle a laugh when Pati came back, looking flushed.


Bahu loved watching happy endings, the movie was about to end when Pati looked at Bahu and said
You are looking ridiculously beautiful today”. Just as leaned towards her, a knock on the door made both of them jump.
Why haven’t you slept yet”, Saasuma enquired as soon as Bahu opened the door.
We were watching a movie Maaji”
tch tch I will never get to play with my grandchild”, saasuma mumbled.

Maaji”, Bahu whispered, walking a little close to Saasuma and said with a smile, “If you keep knocking on the door every hour, you and I are both not gonna get anything to play with”.

The shock on Saasuma’s face by Bahu’s boldness was proof enough that she won’t be knocking on their door for atleast two weeks.

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  1. ROFL!! Hilarious absolutely Hilariouss!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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    Good one, Princess :D

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    This Bahu is aweeeesome!!!!!

  4. Ha,ha,ha. Very sweet and smart Bahu.

  5. lol :) too funny. poor sasuma :D Doesn't look like she will get anything to play with in the near future :P

  6. LOL. What's about that glass of milk? Anything fishy there? :)

    Destination Infinity

  7. He he..nice reply to the sasumas!Love the end

  8. @Meziee
    eeee thankieeee :D

    yeah a smartie bahu.. thank you :D

    hehehe tips for you :P thank you so much :D

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    hehehe wanna be like that :P
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  11. Hahaha! NOW if THIS were the way mega-serials went I would be addicted to them too :)

  12. They might as well give in to keep the peace. Good one :)

  13. LOL!! brilliant!! I loved her answer!! :D


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