Quiling -Valentine's day

Finished making this frame just in time, the little house design is not mine, I saw it on Etsy. I was wondering how to fill the vacant space when I came across the design. It beautifully matched my concept for this frame, so I tried recreating it.
I used different colours of quilling paper to make the flowers, white floral base is handmade paper imported from India. The red base behind  the house is a marriage invitation card which I reused for this design.


  1. Lovely frame dear..I am based out of sydney too..where do you live in Sydney?

  2. This looks lovely!

    Happy Valentine's day! :)

  3. So pretty!!
    You artistic You!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Adorable! Happy Valentine's day to you too

  5. It's a very pretty card and your quilling looks beautiful, Rajlakamshi.

    But, unfortunately it does'nt qualify for the Lulupu #25 as you have not used any pattern paper on your creation which was one of the rules of our challenge!
    Hope to see you participating in our current challenge, though :)

  6. @Lavina
    thank you so much :)

  7. @Red Handed
    hehehe not much... thank you :)

  8. @Insignia
    Thank you so much

    ohh my bad :( no probs.. will participate in some other contest :) Thanks for letting me know


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