Land of Living Dead

The death of Arunachalee student  Nido Taniam is so depressing  that I couldn’t help but go in a state of constant anger and frustration at the “mainland”. What is wrong with people? I know it’s harsh to judge a city by a handful of people, but when incidents that shock humankind, happen one after the other, you cannot help but ridicule those who committed the crime and those who watched. 

There are thousands of north-east “Indians(!?!)” living in all the major cities of India. How much time does it take for a fellow countryman to recognize and acknowledge another with some dignity?

Remember the large-scale exodus of North East Indians from Bangalore. What does that portray? I don’t expect people to understand our culture or our lifestyle or food habits. That is too much to ask. All we need is to be treated like “Normal” people, without all the unnecessary gawking and taunting.

And it’s not just about that. What appals me is the lack of empathy? 5-6 people beating a single boy!! What must have transpired in the minds of those low-lives to have taken the life out of the living? It’s this nonchalant attitude to human life which is extremely disturbing. Is my country turning into the land of living dead, with no souls, but only hunger to crush everything that’s alive?

What depresses me most is that even though the government can try improving the lawless capital of India, who will instil values of humanity into them? Especially the current generation who seem to have no restraint on their emotions or acts. Brutal rape, murder, torture, robbery – the capital of India needs more than just law enforcers.  A country is made by people, not by soulless creatures pretending to be human.

My heart goes out to Nido's family. I know a loss as tremendous as this cannot be compensated by just words.


  1. This is an atrocious act by these people... it is pathetic that onlookers didn't try to stop them. It is not a movie to sit back and watch. One day what happened to Nido might happen to one of us. So, we better check ourselves before wrecking ourselves!!!

  2. Such is the sad reality. How can one hate another person based on their skin color? Beats me.

    Saddest thing is nothing will happen to change this.

  3. You said it Rajalakshmi. I think its humanity that we must try to encourage in people and bring people together. I can totally understand your emotions behind this particular post. I think its high time we turn back to 'humane'

    i totally get when you say " even though the government can try improving the lawless capital of India, who will instil values of humanity into them"

    Thanks for this post :)


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