Hiking in Blue Mountains, Sydney

I went to Blue Mountains this Jan with my husband. We both love outdoor sports, so having heard a lot about the place and it's beauty, we decided to spend a day there.

We took the morning train from Strathfield Station at 7:32 and reached Katoomba station by 9:30. There we bought tickets for scenic world and hop-on-hop-off bus which cost us about 140$ each.

To summarize we went to Scenic Railway-> Blue Mountain National Park-> Leura Forest -> Henry Cliff Walk -> Katoomba (5 hours of hiking)

The bus took us to Scenic world where we went for a sky ride. I have to say, the place is magnificent. The blue hue of the mountains, standing tall, makes you wanna sit there all day long.

The Skyrail

That's the waterfall which we saw from skyrail.

The skyrail dropped us at scenic railway. We had delicious hot chocolate and milkshake in the cafe.Overlooking the ridiculously gorgeous mountain view, with a cup of choco milkshake, that is one of the beautiful places to have breakfast. 

The Scenic Railway is one of the steepest cable-driven funicular railway in the world, the steepest incline of 52 degrees[1] contained within a total incline distance of 415 metres (1,361.5 ft). (wiki)

The Scenic Railway brought us down to the entrance of Blue Mountain National Park, and then began our 5 hours of hiking.

As we walked towards the Leura Forest, the three sister rock got closer.

The path.

There's a wonderful picnic spot at the base of Leura Forest. It took us about 2 and half hours to reach Leura Forest.

Waterfalls we saw on the way

The Prince Henry Cliff walk

Walking around the The Sister Rock

This is where our hiking ended. After 5 hours I saw civilization again :)

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  1. Wow! Great way to spend a day indeed!!

  2. After 5 hours, you left (nature's) civilization and saw the manmade civilization (aka chaos) :P

    Destination Infinity

    1. yup that's true :) thanks for visiting

  3. Great post!!! :)
    Loved the pics too..
    That climb/walk is absolutely exhausting, but worth it. !! :D

    1. indeed it was... quite exhausting. Thanks for dropping by

  4. How beautiful. And the Blue Miuntains really are blue! Love the waterfalls and gorgeous views.

  5. Looks like you have truckloads of fun!

  6. Blue Mountains the three sisters as they are called is a lovely spectacle and your nice post brought back memories of the place!

    1. Glad it brought back memories :) thank you for writing in :)

  7. The mountain scenery is gorgeous, what a lovely hike! Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing your visit. Have a happy week!

  8. The skyrail experience must be awesome. Amazing clicks and you sure had loads of fun! Cool :)

  9. That looks like an amazing park! Love all the sights that you shared.


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