The sunshine was enveloped by gloomy clouds. Wanshika’s parents had dropped in unannounced, after their bitter dispute over adoption, few years back; she had hardly kept in touch.

 “It's not that I am not proud, just worried”, her dad said finally, sipping tea, watching Ashmit from a distance while he played with the bell.

“Everybody praises you, to have adopted a kid and managed single-handedly”, her mother added eagerly.

These discussions always depressed her, guilt resurfaced as out of fear of being ostracised she didn’t call her son her own, because only she knew why Ashmit’s eyes were so familiar.

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  1. How sad for all of them! They're missing so much.

    As for the rest, the sentence needs to be broken up: "Wanshika’s parents had dropped in unannounced, after their bitter dispute over adoption, few years back; she had hardly kept in touch." I'd put a period after "unannounced" and make the rest a sentence: "After their bitter dispute over adoption a few years back, she had..." And "tea" doesn't get a "T." :-)


  2. ah!!! It is sad how just because of the mentality of the society at large and the taboo that engulfs our mind, we keep secrets that haunt us!
    loved it.

  3. this was really sad but well-written. i also knew a couple of people who went through this. great story.

  4. That is a sad story with the backdrop, in some cases, of real life. You did good. I felt it highlighted a real problem. You brought out emotion in me. A good, but sad, story :)

  5. Excellent post, but very sad story.

  6. Good story,and well written, though sad. These parents are either mentally blind or in serious denial. I think otherwise they'd recognize the fact that the child's eyes were like their daughter's.

  7. I absolutely LOVED this. The twist at the end was beyond brilliance and makes me want to know just who the father is...why are the eyes familiar?? Hopefully in time they will accept her child adopted or not. ♥

  8. Ahhh the twist at the end...So sad her parents are missing out on so much...

  9. Great twist at the end-nice story:-)

  10. Dear Rajlakshmi,

    How sad that she had to adopt her own child. A good story and sweet take on the prompt.



  11. Very well written. Its sad and yet a very believable story.

  12. An awesome take on the prompt! Reminded me of the movie Aradhana :)

  13. Very sad story . A mother adopting own child? very well possible our country.

  14. @RedHanded
    indeed, a lot is hidden and hushed away just because of taboo. It’s sad.
    Thanks a lot for visiting.

    Thank you so much

  15. @shopaholic
    imagine the pain of someone who has to go through this.
    Thanks a lot for visiting.

    Thank you so much.

  16. @Victoria
    thank you so much for your comments. Glad you felt that way. :)

    Thank you so much. I am glad I was able to bring out the emotions through this write.

  17. @Kathy
    aww that so much for your kind words. Hopefully in future no one has to go through this just because of taboo.

    thank you so much :)

  18. @Harini
    thank you. Happy that you feel that way :)
    Thank you so much. Ahhh I have forgotten whether I had watched the movie or not. Bad memory.

    Thanks a lot :)


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