Tanned & Toasted by Sun & Society

Last month I went to Gold Coast during Christmas Holidays. Had a helluva time, but along with memories I came back 10 shades tanned. Yup Tanned and Toasted. Sydney summer is in full bloom. As soon as we got back from the trip, began our tryst with Besan and Mud packs. Biker was freaking even more than me since he got more of sun-burn than sun-tan.

Till today, a cup of Besan Pack - besan mixed with milk powder, lemon and haldi sits on our bathroom sink. Every time the face pace gets over; Biker would jump and make another mixture. Now since I am too lazy and rely on Mud Pack and never give Biker a hand in making his anti-tan-solution-pack, he has literally banished me from using it.  

We wouldn't have gone into this much trouble if, only if, an Anti-Tan lotion was available in stores. But, there shelves after shelves filled with fake-tanning lotion, airbrush and bronzer-kind of lotions, but not one to remove tan. The quizzical look of shopkeepers further dampened our hopes of finding one.

I love your tan ... You wanna remove tan, why do you wanna do that!!! ” They would ask. Well, seriously my friends, this question has no answer.

Why we were breaking our heads to get back our fairer skin roots from the deep down? And then I realized, no matter where you are, or how unbiased you are, the way society has brought you up with its screwed dogmas is so deep-rooted that unconsciously you start acting on it.


    How we want to be fair and they want the tan!

  2. I hear you! My tan, is much under-appreciated in India, and for a long time I hated the way I looked. But I have grown to love myself, just the way I am. http://heartywriting.wordpress.com/


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