Recharged and De-Makdee-fied

Every once in a while, our household would be woken by shrieks of a hyperventilating girl bawling in the bathroom

“Ekks!!! No no no. Why Lord why!!! have thy befallen such tragic times upon this girl!!!”

She would mumble non-stop while her nervous hands, laden with copious amount of hair-serum, would try to de-Makdee-fy her hair. (Remember Makdee)

(Photo - courtesy Google)

In case you are still wondering, yup that’s me. I am pretty sure one day “Bad-hair day” would be declared an emergency situation and there would be customer support lines working 24/7 helping thousands of helpless stressful girls.

Our grandma’s and Ma’s were absolutely right when they forcibly oiled our hair and made us eat insanely large amount of spinach. A healthy diet leads to healthy hair. It’s as simple as that. But with time and busy schedules not only our bodies have succumbed to fast-paced-junk-eating-life, our hair too have started going weak and lifeless. (Yup I am stating the obvious.)

I was always known as the girl with long hair - Rapunzel. It was my pride from school to college to workplace. And ever since that fateful day two years ago, when out of exasperation I had cut them short, diligently I have been working over months to own a mane that’s envy of all. Let me tell you out of experience, a chemical preparation of “fancy color” and “straightening gel”  is not a long term solution to recharge your hair.

An energetic crown of long glorious hair, cascading down, shining like moonlight would charge up my life too. Why you ask, well here are my top reasons.

Dazzle the office party

Well, as a Java Developer life isn’t Indian-Jones kind of exciting at the workplace. So when I was invited to the office party, I didn’t wanna look boring.  It was time to let my hair down and rock the dance floor without ever worrying if my hair was frizzy and was scaring people off in the dark. 
Yup that was fun.

Recharged hair = Recharged life. Hence proved.

Fly through the wind, Darling

Windsailing is one of the most amazing things I have done. And I don’t miss doing it whenever I get a chance. 

To fly through the wind and watch the deep blue sea ‘neath you - it’s extremely poetic. But usually it ends up with my hair being twisted in odd angles. The whole experience of entangling them and watching them fall breaks my little heart. But the last time I went to sail through the air, my hair didn’t tangle as much. The trick was to apply good amount of hair serum on the hair ends.

Be it wind-sailing or riding amusement rides, it’s fun when you have a little less problem to worry about.

Before I sign off, here are few quick tips to recharge your hair.

1) Oil - specially the tips.
2) Trim regularly to avoid split ends
3) Invest on good quality hair serum to protect from sunlight and pollution.
4) Rub lemon on scalp before washing. Prevents Dandruff.
5) Invest time to prepare and apply hair mask.

No more days of sitting in shade and wondering about the effects of chlorine in Wave pool. It’s time to jump in and recharge life.

Having said all of that, on hair and beauty regimes,
Dear Girls always remember, true beauty lies within!!!


  1. hey awesome post ...and I am in love with your lovely locks!!
    Hey that rhymed!!
    btw Your Line about inner beauty..hahah awesome~

    1. Thank you so much :D these locks give me nightmares sometime

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Very nicely written. The tips are practical and useful. The last note is the icing on the cake. Good luck for the contest.

    1. Thank you so much... Hope the tips help :D


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