Nostalgic Music

Call me old fashioned, but the music these days is good for dance competitions or to shut someone down. Loud, meaningless and mind throbbingly painful. 

I still scamper back to the old 90’s and early 21st century songs if I feel like listening to Hindi music. I miss those music videos with subtle romance like Taare Aahista Kije baatei that leaves a warm feeling in your gut. Soulful music with lyrics that makes your mind go all gooeyyy. I must have danced a hundred times to Phalguni Pathak's Chudi jo khanke haatho mei, imitating every step from the video. Milind Soman looked so gorgeous in Kabhi phool dena manane k liye. Those were the times when elegance and grace were still meaningful words. And lyrics were meant to be understood and felt.

The same goes for English music too. Although I do have few contemporary favorite singers. I love Adele, her voice is so powerful and her songs strum my heartstrings. On the other hand, Avril's peppy and rock-n--roll songs, uplifts my day. I actually love the Don't-Care attitude dripping in her songs. 

In the world of auto tune, where musicians stuff a hundred sound in one music video, lyrics is all that is left that any makes sense to me. Listen to "Super Massive Blackhole" (although I love it) you would know what I am talking about. Your ear would keep vibrating long after the song has ended.

For most people, music varies according to the mood. It's same for me too, but then there are songs that can never go wrong in any moment.

Elvis Presley's Can't Help Falling In love with you, will make you fall in love all over again

Take my hand

Take my whole life too.

I go awwwww , starry eyed and rubber knees every time I hear these line.

Celine Dion's graceful singing is I am sure all time favorite of many. 

Music is not just sound and words, it's sometimes like time wrap. You are taken back in time, into moments when you had first heard it. There are so many memories attached to a song.

Doesn't Backstreet Boys remind you of school days when you would exchange cassettes with friends. How many times have you sung My heart will go on with friends, screaming at the top of your voice?

Ahh Nostalgic Music.

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  1. This post was a lovely walk down memory lane for me.

  2. I am glad to see someone else who know of grace being a meaningful word. :)

  3. is indeed a time wrap...
    read that you like korean movies.. i do too.. :) :)

  4. yeahhh... i remember every western music competition is school had somebody singing backstreet boys and celine dion!!

  5. Oh I read your post and hopped onto the time machine... exchanging cassettes was one of the most beautiful part of my college life. From Lata and Rafi to boy bands and the latest bollywood hits... we would discover new / old songs and sing them along whiling away time at the college garden. Loved reading your post. See you around.

  6. Rajlakshmi memories of olden days came gushing after reading your post.

  7. That was such a beautiful trip down memory lane. We loved Elvis so.. And Abba.. And Cliff Richards. However there is soulful music even today.. Songs like Iktara and Raabta exist along with the noisy ones.

  8. Got to agree...can't make sense of the cut and paste music these days!

  9. Elvis Presley. this post was nostalgic walk.

  10. Oh wow.. this post is so meeee !
    I cant understand how most of todays hits even get to be spoken of in the same breath as some of the old melodies..
    Be it Elvis' wonderful renditions or even Celine Dion, those songs had their strength in the emotions the tunes and voices carried... they didnt need dumb beats and fancy videos to make them spectacular...

    My take on the prompt:

  11. Elvis' Can't help falling in love is an all time classic. I love that song too.

  12. Celine! Avril I love these people!

    And of course the legendary Elvis :-)



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