In Goody-Good Spirit

Sometimes I go into a “Goody good good” mode and get overwhelmed with gratitude and love and compassion and all other stuffs that ol’ Christmas movies talk about. 

It is during this time that I feel like planting a sloppy kiss on my brother’s cheek for still being childish at 25. He is irritating, mischievous and keeps my temper flaring , yet I love him to the core, youngest of the family and dearest of all.

My sister is no golden angel. She would buy those glamorous coats, upload photos in breathtaking locales and then TAG me (gosh!!). If that’s not enough she would brag about her hi-techy-techy laboratory experiments, making me feel like a grandma of the last century. Yet, I love her for being super-smart and super-sassy, for all the late night dress-disaster-management-calls, for… well, for just being my sister.

And then there are my Brave-heart Parents. Knights in shining armour, protecting and nurturing the troublemakers for a better portion of their lives. Letting me pursue my dreams, far far away from home. Gawd!!! I can feel a lump in my throat. 

Effing emotions!!! {Blinks away the tears}

And how can I forget my Nautanki Biker. If I forget to mention him, he would create a fuss for a week. Ok I forget to take out the belt from my jeans and keep it in proper place, and agree that my long Rapunzel hair is all over the carpet, and yeah I am totally unreasonable – most of the times. Yet for whatever god forsaken reason, you love me. And somehow our worlds just revolve around each other, sometimes they crash, of course, but still there.

Not to forget my totally dramebaaz friends and the incredulously  crazy LR-Group of Bloggers

What would I do without their daily dose of insanity? {Shivers in horror}

I might just die of ‘ordinary-dom’.

I end this year in a happy note - with people I love, in place I love and  clothes I love :D

This year I am gonna watch the Sydney Fireworks ... yeayieeee :D

Happy New Year - 2014


  1. A very happy new year to you too!

  2. Wish you and yours a brilliant 2014!!

  3. thanks a lot :D wish you too a very happy new year :D

  4. Ahh...sometimes I'm also overwhelmed with such emotions :) but for most parts I'm angry and annoyed at the world ;)

    Random Thoughts Naba..In Search of Neverland...

  5. Rajlakshmi, this is a very cute post about your loved ones ! A lovely family.

  6. Such a nice tribute to all the people you love. The Sydney Fireworks are truly awesome.

  7. That is a perfect way of sharing love. You have a beautiful family. The fireworks will be spectacular and do share more of the awesome pics you keep sharing.


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