Chronicles of Luny Listmaniac

Have you ever been filled with unparalleled excitement by the mere thought of writing down a list? Does your heart skip a beat at the slight touch of smooth silky surface of sticky notes? Yes? Well,  Welcome to the luny club of listmaniacs.

My personal journal has pages filled with sticky note lists for every  month. The pleasure of writing down “Things-to-do” gives me goosebumps. I try to add a creative touch by drawing floral designs of different colours near the corners of sticky note. To top it all, I love the what-in-Hades-name-is-wrong-with-her look on my husband’s face when he catches me color-coding sticky-notes, gleefully smiling to myself.

It’s not that I got a truck load of work to do or won’t survive without a list, but I definitely won’t survive without writing one. The most important item ever to have featured in my list was “Cut your witchy Nails”. Those were the times when my nails were dangerously long and my skin was red with accidental scratches. The reason I didn’t trim them was I couldn’t find my nail-cutter. So the item featured on top of “Cut your witchy Nails” was “Find the damn Nail cutter”.

I hope you got the gist of what kind of important activities are there on my list. But just to write them down had filled with me such happiness, such peace of mind. I felt like the cow who jumped over the moon.

And sometimes the sticky note becomes a doodle note 

I am going to spend Christmas in Gold Coast. An event this big makes me go all ho-ho-ho on sticky notes. Writing down items after items - Things to carry, things not to carry, things to do, things to blog, things to wear (I renewed by wardrobe just for the vacation) :D. Busy times I tell you … very busy times. 


  1. Very interesting post. You have SO MUCH to do. I will not waste your precious time in reading these lines. Cut your NAILS. Plan for the holidays. Happy Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Hahaha! Do you start off with "Got to make a list"? :)


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