Manicure - Sugar for Nails

Last week I bought blue Sugar for Nails by BYS.
It cost me about $8. The pack came with BYE's nail polish, a brush and sugar (it's not exactly sugar :D just grounded bluish stone like material)

I think its one of the easiest and simplest ways to look chic. All you need to do is paint a base coat on your nail, dip it in the box , let it dry and use the brush to remove extra particles. Then apply a clear top coat and let it dry for a while.

I just covered my nails with it, but you can try different designs like diagonal or semi circles.
They come in different colours too.

Since I took so much pain for my fingernails, I couldn't just let my feet feel biased.

So I applied 3 coats of Pink Peony by Ultra3.
This brand is one of the cheapest in Australia. Costs just $2.

These are my weekend nails. What about you?


  1. Back again, you have now from origami to nails arts. Lovely as usual Raji (if I could call you so) :)

  2. This is very exciting. Rajlakshmi, you are very talented. Ono by one your secrets are coming out.

  3. Thanks you so much Usha ji and Uma


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