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So last week I went to Myers in Westfield Shopping Mall. Ohh the smell of new clothes tethered me, the sleek heels beckoned in bewitching songs of click-clack, those silken fabric gave me goosebumps, the ruffled shirts fluttered in delights - igniting my deepest desires of wearing them one day... goshhhh I can spend a lifetime in that store.

Myers got four floors of shopping delight and in two hours I could hardly manage to finish one. The menfolk, after a heavy lunch, limited their exploration of the mall to a comfortable sofa while I jumped and danced around, wearing a childish grin.

Yup this is my shopping-grin :D All the time!!! Various expressions while scanning through different sections.

The price tag did make me go :O and I had to constantly remind me that $250 isn't same as Rs 250.

But then, the pleasure of trying out new outfit, the feel of fabric, the way it perfectly fits you after innumerable trials... these are the simple pleasures of life, isn't it?... Although my husband strongly disagrees with this statement.

It's strange how my mind works and I am pretty sure many girls would agree. All you need is a 50% discount on Ralph Lauren and the world becomes beautiful again. The days are bright and the nights are starry :D. For the sanity of mind, body and the husband, a trip to shopping mall every week is mandatory.

On second thoughts, it's good that my husband knows how not to make to purchase the whole discount sale, else I would have definitely ended up on streets wearing my high heels. :D

And there's even a word just for us. Pronounced - 'O-nE-O-ka-'lA-zha

Go on try saying it out loud, with as much accent as you wish to match your attire. :D


  1. Shopping makes forget the differences between $ and Re :-P

  2. I learned a new word today. I need to share it with my wife. I've been searching for a word for her that wouldnt get me in trouble :-). Thank you.

    *from UBC*

  3. Retail therapy is the solution to many a woman's problems :)

  4. hahaha..
    I feel you!

    Sale is a pretty word, as pretty as they come! :D

  5. Shopping is the best occupation for women. I can shop for hours without getting tired. But why are men allergic to shopping!!

  6. 250 not our 25 was hilarious :D :D I get to hear this quite often from a lot of my friends settled abroad :)

    as for shopping, its the bestest thing in the whole world!!



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