100 Word Story - Caged

He was unlike others, unlike Dada who would throw uncomfortable glances at me, unlike Kaki who never once stopped talking on what a brilliant money minting business was I.
No one told me what to expect until it actually happened. And painful it was.
Two years I had spent in that dingy dim lighted house, until he came along.

He was gentle and cared for my wounds, although his dreams weren’t any different from Kaki’s.

I knew it was my last day there, as he handed two bundles of notes to Dada and I stepped from one cage to another.

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe


  1. Pretty sad story in so few words.
    It is only a change of venue not deliverance for the hapless young thing.It is difficult to come out once caught in cesspool.

  2. Is this for some contest Raji?

    Clever. You don't say if the speaker is a girl or a boy. Keep writing!

  3. Sad story of human trafficking... Delicately put... Great work :)

  4. Sad and tragic. It's the tale of many innocent and helpless young girls. Compelling writing:)

  5. Makes an impact with just few words. Good one but sad.


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