The Nail Polish Addict

We all have that one friend who goes bat-crap crazy over nail polishes. It's as if a ghost posses them every-time they see those beautiful mutihued bottles. No matter how many they own, it's never enough. I am one such insane person. I don't do much make up or am concerned about other beauty products. But when it comes to nail polish, I lose my head. It's as if my brain just jumps out and runs away. :D

I tried few designs and as I said in my earlier posts, my talent in these matters is completely hopeless. I don't try the tough ones, fearing that I would end up with scary-looking finger nails. And the reason will not be the design.

Inspired by Disha's gorgeous Saran wrap design ( I too tried my own version. Well, it's a sloppy job. I possess zero talent in the technicalities of nail design, yet my craze for nails is so strong that my stubborn heart refuses to give up. 

The what-the-frack-is-wrong-with-this-girl look on my hubby says it all. As soon as I reached home, all I did was take out my nail polishes, neatly lay them on the table and Google for some nail polish design. My friends are like - are you running out of things to apply your creativity on :P

Saran Wrap


  1. I see some of those nail arts. Aaah and my immediate and most possibly true reaction is; these women never do any work. Can you imagine tapping away the keyboard without flinching of getting those nails broken or washing vessels or mopping?

    But the designs are so elaborate I must say. ITs good for a starter; awaiting more nail arts from you

    1. some of the nail polishes stay long ... and yeah I don't do any mopping :P so they stay :P try some ... you might like it :)

  2. Nice nail arts. Want to make a comment about your fingers. But will stop here.

    1. ahh now i wish you had commented. :) thanks for visiting


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