Day 6 - Braving the Mundane

Sometimes braving the odd seems easier than surviving the most mundane tasks or finding a solution to simplest of things. Here are some of the tips which might come in handy, and yes experience speaks here.

1) Remember those mind-numbing never ending meetings, when to keep the eyelids open require a herculean effort. Well here’s a tried and tested solution that a blessed soul once told me. Try to tickle the roof of your mouth; I swear your sleep will evaporate in nano-seconds. Just don’t burst out laughing ok.

2) Smelly feet – I had it a few weeks ago. The horror!!! Never in my life did I imagine that I would turn into a stinky skunk. But after applying all kinds of solutions provided by a distraught husband and friends and bloggers, I finally managed to pinpoint the culprit. Socks!!! Always wear cotton socks if you are wearing leather shoes.

3) Food that won’t make you fat and nail polish that don’t chip in two days!! That's the dream :P . I have no control over the first one, but nail polish yes, I usually make it last two weeks. Here's how, before applying the color, paint your nails with a clear polish, then apply the color of your choice. Let it dry and again apply the clear polish. Now if you have got your hands freshly manicured or got a trendy nail design, keep coating your nails with clear polish every two-three days. Easy Peasy.

4) Not getting enough comments or popularity on blogs? - Try kicking your 'behind' in your posts (I don't use bad words, I am a good girl :P). Let me tell you there's nothing better than laughing at others make blunders. And you never know how many cuckoo friends you might make :P

5) No matter how busy you are, spare sometime for yourself, else the fast paced time will corrode you away. {kuch zada philo ho gaya!!!}

6) Surviving Mondays - Now that's a toughie. If anyone finds a solution, please leave a comment :D

7) And last of all, the only way to survive this life is to "Laugh it off and move on". Nope there are no short cuts :) Well you can try sleeping it off too. Like this adorable Koala.

This was the first time I had seen a real Koala :D

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  1. The answer I found for myself was "Quit working" :)

  2. Also u can do something spontaneous and bring in a shock to the mundane system :)


  3. Awesome...I have a simple solution to Mondays...Love your job as much as I do.

  4. Monday blues don't ever seem to leave my side however hard I try...but I laugh it off and move on!!
    Lovely post! :)

  5. Cool. There should be a law against working.

  6. Have to completely agree with Suresh C and his comment. Am eagerly waiting for the day when my financial commitments are gone and my financial security strong enough for me to quit my job.

  7. I love ur 7-er and it's hilarious..awesome post:)


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