Day 5 - Lost Rills (Kwansaba)

Kwansaba Poetry Form -  has a pattern of sevens: the poem consists of seven lines, each line contains seven words. With the exception of proper nouns and foreign terms, no word may have more than seven letters. This repetition of sevens might come from the fact that it grew out of poems written for Kwanzaa, one poem for each of the seven virtues celebrated that week. 

In sultry cusp of a purple dusk
Sleep sun burnt days of fading yore
When lush meadows once adorned the land
and lofty  woods echoed with valiant roars
Now, Orion stares down through murky skies
looking in vain for lost crystal rills
Instead finds ailing cloud over bricked hills


I am taking part in #WriteFestival


  1. A nice take on '7'.The poem is very insightful.The last line is very impressive.

  2. Love this poem. Also, never heard of Kwansaba until today. Thanks for the education.

  3. Ditto new word for me Kwansaba....Beautiful poetry.

  4. Now this is something out of box..meaningful piece of work!

  5. So profound! Really all we can see is concrete hills around us :( This is so beautifully written and thank you for introducing me to Kwanzaa :)

  6. Never knew of this form of poetry. Thanks for the information.

    And hey, that was a lovely poem. :-)

  7. Wow, that was quite a poem, Go Green all the way coupled with the fact that it is written in a form not so popularly known.

    Awesome post Raji, way to go...

  8. the poem is exotic and so is the type of poem....with trees being cut at this speed, orion will soon not find even the clouds! so full of meaning!! wow!

  9. I am a dud at appreciating poetry but can appreciate the talent it takes to write with natural flow with rules like that. Kudos.

  10. It's an amazing poem coming straight from the heart:)

  11. brilliant imagery as usual!!! i just love the way you weave the words into a poem.. its so magical!! and as usual u give me a complex!! :P

  12. Lovely imagery! I love the idea of a purple dusk. One time when the sky grew dark before a storm it became all purple and I got out my camera and got the most beautiful pictures of the purple sky. I love how you weaved your words and painted the most delightful of pictures!


  13. Wow, Rajlakshmi. I love how you've found a form of poetry that fits in so well with our theme. Your poem is full of wonderful imagery. So impressed. :)

  14. I love poetry and I loved your poem. And what an interesting (and quite difficult it appears) poetry form. I'm glad I dropped by.

  15. Good Lord! The ignorant me did not even know there was a form of poem as such. Love the way you've 'imaged' out the poem :)


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